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ViaCAD 12 2D

ViaCAD 12 2D

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Incredibly powerful 2D drafting and design software Powerful 2D Drafting and Design Software... more

Product information "ViaCAD 12 2D"

Incredibly powerful 2D drafting and design software

  • Powerful 2D Drafting and Design Software Create Architectural Drawings
  • Easy to use
  • ViaCAD 2D includes over 275 drawing and editing tools.
  • NEW! Design and comment updates
  • NEW! Improved usability
  • NEW! Interoperability updates

Design in the blink of an eye with ViaCAD® 2D. Create professional computer drawings, floor plans, landscapes, diagrams, production-ready schematics and more with our robust, easy-to-use CAD software. All you need is an idea and ViaCAD.

ViaCAD 2D is ideal for beginners, do-it-yourselfers, interior designers, carpenters, handymen, and do-it-yourselfers who want to create accurate CAD designs for architecture, mechanical, electrical, furniture, or any other project that requires flat, two-dimensional construction drawings.


ViaCAD 2D is the perfect introduction for anyone who is new to CAD software or simply wants to create two-dimensional designs, plans and drawings. We offer over 275 drawing tools to do all the work for you. The software is suitable for small budgets, yet powerful enough to handle large projects.


  • Architectural drawings
  • Redesign plans
  • Floor plans
  • Interior layout
  • Landscaping plans
  • Electrical diagrams
  • Mechanical designs
  • DIY Projects
  • Model inventions
  • Technical graphics and illustrations

Compatibility and file sharing

ViaCAD software works well with other programs. ViaCAD is compatible with AutoCAD® and offers up-to-date DWG import and export capabilities. This allows your team to collaborate without everyone having to use the same CAD software.

ViaCAD also supports more than a dozen popular CAD and graphics formats, so you can provide files that can be opened and modified by users of other popular design software. In our latest version (version 12), you can import PDF and Adobe Illustrator files and import/export SketchUp 2019 and Collada files.

  • ViaCAD offers compatibility with AutoCAD® DWG files.
  • DXF/DWG versions from R12 to 2020
  • STL import/export
  • Import from Adobe Illustrator®.
  • PDF import
  • SketchUp 2020 import/export
  • Collada™ (DAE) Import/Export
  • Full support for metric and imperial units



Create precision drawings with the standard tools you're used to and some innovative tools you'll absolutely love. Each drawing tool offers multiple options for creating objects in your designs. Powerful tools like rectangular and polar (circular) grids help you create more precise and complex designs. A full range of wrapping options are available for modifications. With the built-in Region Trim feature, you can do in one click what takes dozens of steps with most programs.

  • Points, Lines, Arcs, Circles, Ellipses, Splines
  • Geometric and dimensional 2D constraints to manage geometric relationships between 2D shapes
  • The drawing tools provide several methods for
  • Copy/move, scale, rotate, mirror and stretch.
  • Rectangular grid with X and Y control
  • Polar grid with adjustable angles and distances
  • Cutting tools include cutting, flaring, and breaking.
  • Adjustable fillet and chamfer
  • And much more!


Accurate design is easy with ViaCAD! We designed it to be user-friendly and intuitive.

The LogiCursor™ anticipates your next action and guides your cursor to possible point selections in the drawing.

The Gripper provides drag-and-drop functionality for easy design editing.

Customizable grids make everything even easier by allowing precise drag-and-drop in rectangular, polar (circular) and isometric layouts.


ViaCAD 2D is a robust design documentation tool with over 20 customizable dimension styles, including standard dimension formats.

Want to import a 3D model you created in other software to document in ViaCAD 2D? With our Auto 3D to 2D feature, you can create multiple 2D views.

Other interesting features will help you document and annotate your projects:

  • 26-dimensional styles
  • Import of bitmaps for logos and reference images
  • Spell check adds another level of accuracy.
  • One-click filling and hatching


ViaCAD 2D lets you create building drawings and room plans to scale.

For example, custom walls are drawn using thicknesses for the various components, allowing you to represent actual wall sizes and the dimensions of the materials that make up the walls.

Other notable architectural design features include:

  • Walls are automatically cut at intersections.
  • Individual wall elements allow visual distinction between interior and exterior walls.
  • Intelligent "drag and drop" insertion of doors and windows.
  • Instant architectural detail with automatic sizing or custom labels for doors and windows with captions.

New Features



Excellent for drawing precise curves on rough sketches. Use this tool to best fit a line or circle from a sample of points.


The Angle Tolerance interface has been updated to dynamically provide data from the Inspector dialog box.


Save Layers with View

You now have the ability to save layers associated with view alignment.rEPEAT


This "right-click" feature saves you a lot of time by providing a list of the last drawing commands you used. Select an item from the list to quickly switch tools.

You can now work with the file types of these other programs:

  • PDF Import
  • Import from Adobe Illustrator
  • Import/Export from SketchUp 2020





System Requirements

Version    12
Operating System    Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 8 64-bit, Windows 10
Microsoft® Windows® 64-bit 10, 8, 7
64-bit systems only!
Intel® Pentium® IV or AMD® Athlon64™ 64-bit class processor
Mouse pointing device (wheel button recommended) OpenGL/DirectX9 compatible graphics card with 256 MB dedicated RAM
3 GB hard drive space
8 GB memory (RAM)


Version    12
Operating System    Mac OS 10.11 El Capitan, Mac OS 10.12 Sierra, Mac OS 10.13 High Sierra, Mac OS 10.14 Mojave, Mac OS 10.15 Catalina, Mac OS 11.1 Big Sur
1 Macintosh® OS 10.11 to 11.01 or later¹ x64 Intel® Mac® 3 GB hard drive space 8 GB RAM or more Mouse pointing device (wheel button recommended) OpenGL compatible graphics card with 256 MB VRAM ¹ Program compatibility is not guaranteed for later operating systems ²User is responsible for all internet access and phone charges. PC & Mac require a computer with an x64 (64-bit) architecture operating system.

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