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Product Activation

For several months, Microsoft has been experiencing problems with product activation and the following message appears during phone activation:




Fortunately, there is still phone activation where you can activate over the phone and we provide the instructions for that. If the activation over the Internet fails, then go back and select the telephone activation. The following window will appear:




Don't be irritated by the message and just look at the installation ID in point 2. There you will find several blocks with 6 or 7 digits. So count how many digits a block has and then dial the following phone number: 0800 2848 283

Afterwards you will be asked for the installation ID and after entering it you will get a confirmation ID, which you can enter again in the blocks A-H in your window.

If you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at +49 800 1100077 contact us.

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