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Nuance Dragon Legal Individual 15, Upgrade

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If you've had success with previous versions of Nuance Dragon Legal Individual 15, you'll find... more

Product information "Nuance Dragon Legal Individual 15, Upgrade"

General infobox

Note that this is a general infobox and not all of the customer groups listed below are eligible for this product. One of the designations listed below must be in the product title. The processing time can be up to 24 hours.

  • Upgrade - Extensions
    Entitled are owners of an older version of the software. For ordering, we need your license data from the previous version.
  • Educational Version (EDU, Student & Teacher)
    Entitled are students and teachers.
  • Governmental Version (GOV)
    Entitled are governmental institutions (government, authorities, etc.).
  • The corresponding proof must be provided during the purchase process in step 4 "Check and order" under "Note". Please send us PDF files directly by email to [email protected] with the order number.

    Without proof, your order cannot be processed and will be cancelled after 2 weeks.


    If you've had success with previous versions of Nuance Dragon Legal Individual 15, you'll find it worthwhile to upgrade. The many features make it even easier from your point of view to further increase performance and expand your productivity. The advanced speech recognition around the Nuance Dragon Legal Individual 15 upgrade will help you dictate documents effectively and benefit from the latest trends in the office.

    Your improvement for the new version

    Above all, the speed has improved significantly with the Nuance Dragon Legal Individual 15 upgrade compared to the previous version. This gives you the advantage that converting speech to text no longer takes a lot of time. Which version of the predecessor you have is completely irrelevant here. Both Dragon Legal 13 and Legal Individual 14 versions ensure that you can purchase the discounted Nuance Dragon Legal Individual 15 upgrade. This way, you can benefit from the optimizations you want at work without much hassle. Not only in terms of content, but also within the operation, you will benefit from many new functions and solutions. On this basis, you have your documents in view at all times and are able to work much more comfortably. Recognition has also been significantly improved with the new version in order to minimize errors in transmission as best as possible. The state-of-the-art speech recognition with Deep Learning technology is always up to date.

    These are the benefits of the Nuance Dragon Legal Individual 15 upgrade

    In addition to the many benefits already mentioned, you can expect much more with the Nuance Dragon Legal Individual 15 upgrade. These include improved transcription, which makes it easy to create multiple profiles. This allows for much more precision, especially for professional use of the software in the company.

    In addition, with the Nuance Dragon Legal Individual 15 Upgrade, you can also count on the following benefits:

    • Availability of an intelligent speech recognition engine
    • Accessibility on all devices
    • Mobile access to the software from anywhere
    • Easy linking to additional data in the cloud
    • Secure use by third parties thanks to multiple profiles
    • 99% accuracy for each transcription

    Even local accents and dialects don't become a problem with the convenient Nuance Dragon Legal Individual 15 upgrade. The same applies to the otherwise annoying background noises, which can also be excellently filtered with the help of your tool. So you're all set for the day-to-day running of your business thanks to easy transcription.

    State of the art speech recognition

    The state-of-the-art and constantly improving speech recognition is one of the most important features at this point, so that you have access to the desired functions right from the start. In the respective profile, you can easily note additional accents and linguistic peculiarities and influence the speech development. In this way, the Nuance Dragon Legal Individual 15 upgrade becomes a useful extension of the previous applications in the software. The more you use it, the more you will improve your transcription results and the more you will learn. If you want to make changes to the transcribed content afterwards, you can do this without any problems. For this purpose, the respective texts can be conveniently viewed and corrected within the application. This makes voice input even more efficient with the Nuance Dragon Legal Individual 15 upgrade.

    Ideal for use with a wide range of devices

    In case you want to connect the device at the office, your tablet or a smartphone in addition to your home computer, you can do so without any difficulty. The Nuance Dragon Legal Individual 15 upgrade provides you with the necessary interfaces to connect many devices with multiple profiles and work together on the transcription. This is especially important in large companies to find errors together and improve the text quality. You can specify the desired additional devices directly in the respective settings.

    Mobile and efficient everyday work

    By linking the Nuance Dragon Legal Individual 15 upgrade to the numerous devices, you have it easier to work mobile and, above all, flexible. This also applies to notes taken quickly on the train or on the way to work. This way, you have it in your hands to record new ideas at short notice in the future and to implement them at a later time - and all this without an additional dictation machine or extended hardware. Combined with the addition of the cloud, you can access the progress you need, wherever you are, and share your results with other colleagues. In this way, the Nuance Dragon Legal Individual 15 upgrade will make it much easier to create documents without a mouse and keyboard, and will noticeably streamline voice input. We would be happy to help you decide on the right licenses for a smooth application on this basis.

    Upgrade now and get new features!

    If you decide to upgrade Nuance Dragon Legal Individual 15 yourself, you can easily upgrade your existing version. Numerous new features, such as the improved Options menu and the optimized browser operation, will make your daily use more convenient. Be sure to inform us about the serial number of the previous version during the purchase process so that you can buy your Nuance Dragon Legal Individual 15 upgrade. You are also welcome to email us at [email protected] with your purchase. At this point, we'll be happy to help you optimize your speech recognition for your daily work.

    Important questions

    Who is eligible for the Nuance Dragon Legal Individual 15 upgrade?

    If you have already used one of the previous versions, the Nuance Dragon Legal Individual 15 Upgrade will provide you with all the new content and improvements. This applies not only to individual licenses, but also to school versions, government versions and many more.

    What is the benefit of the Nuance Dragon Legal Individual 15 upgrade?

    With the Nuance Dragon Legal Individual 15 upgrade, you can expect the latest enhancements for even more accurate speech recognition. Plus, the interface has been made much simpler to make it even more convenient to use. So the upgrade is worth it for everyone.

    How does the Nuance Dragon Legal Individual 15 upgrade compare to previous versions?

    Compared to the previous versions, the Nuance Dragon Legal Individual 15 upgrade has once again significantly improved the accuracy within the transcription. In addition, there is a streamlined user interface and optimization for use with a browser.

    Which version do you need for the Nuance Dragon Legal Individual 15 upgrade?

    If you would like to purchase the Nuance Dragon Legal Individual 15 upgrade, you will need either a Dragon Legal 13 version or a Legal Individual 14 version. You can then send us your proof of purchase so we can send you your discounted new license without the need for a complete new purchase.



    Product description Dragon Legal Individual (v. 15) - License - Upgrade
    Product Type License
    Category Office applications - speech recognition
    Version 15
    Number of licenses 1 user
    License details ESD
    Platform Windows
    Language English,German
    Delivery media Download

    Included in delivery:

    • Original license key Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal Individual 15 Upgrade Download German,English
    • Languages: German
    • Verified high-speed download link to get the software quickly & securely
    • Invoice with VAT
    • Instructions for easy installation


    With the legally binding Uteil of the Federal Court of 11.12.2014 with the file number: IZR 8/1 /3 we violate with our offer no rights of third parties & thus do not violate any principles, with the software is a single-user licensing from a volume contract takeover, a registration to an ID is therefore not possible. You can activate the product, use it without restrictions, updates, upgrades as well as a registration are not possible.

    How and when do I get my purchased product?
    Digital products, product keys and access to the download centre will be made available to you by e-mail immediately after your purchase.
    What payment options are available to me?
    PayPal, Amazon Pay, Instant bank transfer, Credit card, Apple Pay, Prepayment, Purchase on invoice
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    Our pricing is based on a variety of factors, encompassing a combination of proven software trading strategies:

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