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Nuance Dragon Legal 16

Nuance Dragon Legal 16

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  Nuance Dragon Legal v16 Powerful speech recognition software for legal... more

Product information "Nuance Dragon Legal 16"


Nuance Dragon Legal v16

Powerful speech recognition software for legal professionals


Nuance Dragon Legal v16 is powerful speech recognition software designed to help lawyers and other legal professionals work faster and more efficiently. It is designed specifically for legal professionals to improve the precision and accuracy of speech recognition and simplify document creation. The software supports multiple languages and enables automatic dictation and correction. In addition, Dragon Legal v16 offers a built-in control function that can control the computer according to your own preferences, and has several add-ons and plugins that provide additional features.


Comparison chart

The main advantages of Nuance Dragon Legal v16 are:

  Nuance Dragon Legal v15 Nuance Dragon Legal v16
Precision and accuracy of speech recognition Limited Improved
Automatic formatting of legal text No Yes
Quick and easy document creation No Yes
Multiple language support No Yes
Automatic dictation of documents, emails and web pages No Yes
Microsoft Office and Windows support Limited Yes
Integrated dictation and correction features No Yes
Compatibility with voice-to-text applications No Yes
Advanced computer control commands No Yes
Availability of multiple add-ons and plug-ins No Yes



Discover the new features of Nuance Dragon Legal v16


With version 16, Nuance increases productivity with an impressive suite of features that reduces costs for individuals and large organizations. Dragon Legal v16 offers improved speech recognition precision and accuracy, a built-in control feature that lets you control your computer the way you want, and multiple add-ons and plug-ins that provide additional functionality.

Dragon Legal v16 uses the latest speech recognition software to help you create documents and provide automatic dictation and proofreading. It supports multiple languages and can help you complete your tasks even faster and more efficiently. In addition, Dragon Legal v16 has a command and control function that lets you control the computer in real time, as well as a built-in control function that lets you control the computer with your voice. Dragon Legal v16 also offers a number of add-ons and plug-ins that give you additional features such as SmartFormat Rules and AutoFormat options. Dragon Legal v16 also lets you interact seamlessly with CAD/RMS systems via voice. With Dragon Legal v16, you can get your work done faster and more efficiently while saving money.



Focus on your work while Dragon Legal takes care of the tedious paperwork


Powerful and adaptable speech recognition software accurately captures and formats legal documents by voice, whether you're working in the office or on the road. The reliable transcription features and useful configurations can be easily shared across your law firm or legal department to increase efficiency.


Powerful Speech Recognition Software for Windows 11 and Windows 10

Dragon Legal v16 is an outstanding speech recognition software optimized specifically for use on Windows 11. The software offers both front-end and back-end support for real-time speech-to-text and transcription of audio files. Despite being optimized for Windows 11, the software is backward compatible with Windows 10. With its power and flexibility, Dragon Legal v16 is the ideal choice for anyone who needs reliable speech recognition software. 

Versatile speech recognition software for individual and enterprise applications

Dragon Legal is a versatile speech recognition software that can be used by both individuals and larger teams. As a market leader in law firms, the solution offers many advantages for creating documentation. Whether you work as a sole proprietor or are part of a large company, Dragon Legal is the ideal choice to benefit from the many advantages of speech recognition.

Peak performance in speed and accuracy of speech recognition

Dragon Legal offers top-notch speech recognition specifically designed to meet the needs of legal professionals. The software includes extensive legal vocabulary and is up to three times faster than traditional typing. You can dictate and format contracts, briefs, and other texts right out of the box with 99% recognition accuracy. With Dragon Legal, you can speed up your workflow and be more productive.


Increase efficiency and cost-effectiveness for routine tasks

With Dragon Legal v16, you can quickly and efficiently complete routine tasks that were once considered inefficient. The software saves you valuable time and significantly increases your company's productivity. By automating routine tasks, you can use your resources more efficiently and focus on more important tasks. With Dragon Legal v16, you can streamline your workflow and increase the profitability of your business.


The latest AI-based speech recognition with exceptional performance

Dragon Legal uses advanced Nuance Deep Learning technology to deliver exceptional speech recognition. Even when dictating with accents, in an open-plan office or on the go, the software achieves very high recognition accuracy right from the start. Dragon Legal's AI-based technology allows the software to adapt to your voice and continuously learn to perform better and better. With Dragon Legal, you can dictate documents quickly and accurately without worrying about errors or lack of recognition accuracy.

Automate repetitive workflows

Dragon Legal v16 lets you insert standard text into documents or automate workflows with multiple steps using voice commands. You can even create your own voice commands to make these adjustments even faster. These features can also be shared with other users within your group, allowing for a collective increase in efficiency. Dragon Legal v16 allows you to automate repetitive workflows to maximize your productivity and efficiency.

Promoting Accessibility in Document Creation

Dragon Legal v16 helps promote accessibility in document creation by making command and control functions and document creation easier for users with physical or cognitive disabilities. Advanced features such as mouse grids on multiple monitors, audio playback of dictated text in the user's voice, and macro command customization can help attorneys do their jobs more effectively and accessibly.

Improved mobility with PowerMic

The PowerMic is a convenient alternative to a headset, especially for people on the go or who need to do extensive dictation. It allows seamless switching between dictation and other tasks and offers programmable buttons to automate steps, such as filling in form fields in a specific order. This increases efficiency and improves user mobility.


Dragon 16 offers the following new features and improvements:

  •     Windows 11 support, as older versions of Dragon are no longer compatible with Windows 11's new Journal Playback Hooks.

  •     Improved usability for physically impaired users, including the use of the mouse wheel on multiple screens.

  •     Enhanced support for Microsoft Office 2021, Open/Libre Office WordPerfect 21, and PowerMic 4, as well as new voice commands for Microsoft Teams.

  •     Improved collaboration with Microsoft Office.


Streamlined documentation processes, more effective client support, and cost savings


Creating legal documents can be time-consuming and costly, resulting in backlogs of work and high transcription costs. This can impact client service.

By using Dragon Legal Group, you can improve the efficiency of your documentation processes and reduce costs by preparing legal documents, litigation documents, and pleadings simply by speaking in the office or at a client site. External typing services can be avoided by using powerful customization capabilities to streamline routine workgroup or legal department processes.

Dragon features a next-generation speech recognition engine and Nuance Deep Learning technology that provides high recognition accuracy when dictating, even with accented speakers or in open-plan offices and mobile workstations. With the Nuance Management Center, Dragon can be centrally deployed and easily managed.


The benefits at a glance

  •     Increase productivity through accelerated documentation processes

  •     Avoidance of documentation bottlenecks

  •     Reduce costs by reducing dependency on external transcription services

  •     Improve efficiency with user-defined voice commands to execute complex workflows

  •     Reduce paperwork to spend more time serving clients

  •     Allocation of staff to value-added tasks


System requirements




Operating system Windows 10, 11 (32-bit and 64-bit)
Windows Server 2008 R2
Server 2012 R2
Server 2016 (64-bit)
Memory At least 4 GB


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