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Norton 360 Deluxe, 25 GB cloud backup, 3 devices, 1 year

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Norton 360 Deluxe: Smart and consistent multi-device protection Norton 360 Deluxe fills a... more

Product information "Norton 360 Deluxe, 25 GB cloud backup, 3 devices, 1 year"

Norton 360 Deluxe: Smart and consistent multi-device protection

Norton 360 Deluxe fills a security gap that is a major problem for countless individuals: not all Internet-connected devices are protected by anti-malware software. Smartphones, for example, often don't have a corresponding line of defense. This is problematic simply because such vulnerable devices are usually on the identical network with the protected computers. Malware can thus spread without antivirus software being able to prevent it. Comprehensive and intelligent multi-device protection is therefore essential. Users who buy Norton 360 Deluxe get just that.

Please note that this is the subscription version and you will need to enter your bank details during activation. The automatic renewal can then be deactivated directly in the customer account. This means that there are no further costs.

Do you not want to enter your bank details? Then click here for the no subscription version.

Buy Norton 360 Deluxe: These features guarantee security


  • Protection for PC, Mac, smartphones and tablets (with iOS and Android)
  • Threats are detected and blocked in real time
  • Parental controls
  • Secure VPN: Leave no footprints online
  • Large cloud storage for backups
  • Secured webcam from PCs
  • Password manager


Protect all Internet-connected devices with just one software


The name of Norton 360 Deluxe already hints at it: The software promises 360-degree or all-around protection. This doesn't just mean threat defense, but also what is being protected. The average user can protect all Internet-enabled devices. The solution works for PCs, computers running macOS, and smartphones and tablets running iOS or Android. The deluxe edition allows five devices to be protected against threats. It is up to the user to decide exactly which devices to protect. A family with four smartphones and one computer can protect all devices just as well as a household with three PCs, one Mac and one tablet. This multi-device security makes this edition suitable for home users of all types: from the aforementioned family to the single user who has multiple devices and wants to protect them simultaneously.


Comprehensive and intelligent threat defense


Users who purchase Norton 360 Deluxe can rely on smart and comprehensive threat defense. The software analyzes potential threats in real time and defends against them. The protection has several levels: It defends not only against malware of all kinds, but also against spyware as well as ransomware. The Norton program prevents its users from being spied on or sensitive data from being taken "hostage" through encryption in order to extort a ransom. A firewall ensures that the majority of malicious programs do not even get through the front door. Just in case, 50GB of secured cloud storage is also available for easy backups. However, this feature should never be necessary due to an attack: Norton promises to be able to eliminate all viruses.


Protecting privacy with Norton 360 Deluxe


Users who purchase Norton 360 Deluxe not only secure their devices against threats, but also protect their privacy. A specially secured virtual private network, called Secure VPN, ensures that users leave no footprints online. There is no way to track which pages are accessed and which services are used. Secure Norton VPN also circumvents geo-blocks. For example, if certain websites can only be accessed from the USA, Canada or England, the VPN will remove this block.


PC users also enjoy the good feeling of not being spied on via their webcam. Norton 360 takes control of the camera via SafeCam. The program becomes a bouncer that regulates access to the hardware. Because the software sits between the operating system and the camera, its protection cannot be circumvented. To put it metaphorically, there is only one door to the camera, and in front of it Norton makes itself felt.


If children have access to the devices, the integrated parental controls allow them to restrict or prevent the viewing of certain pages or the use of special online services. The integrated password manager ensures that unauthorized persons cannot access their own accounts. It also allows users to work with secure passwords anywhere on the Internet - after all, they only have to remember the password for their account.






DEVICE SECURITY - Real-time protection for PC, Mac® or mobile device against ransomware, viruses, spyware, phishing and other online threats. State-of-the-art security technologies help protect your private information and financial data when you go online.

SECURE VPN - Access your favorite apps and websites on Wi-Fi at home or on the go, knowing that highly secure encryption is helping to protect your data.

PASSWORD MANAGER - Tools that let you easily create, store and manage your passwords, credit card information and other access data online - secure and well protected.

CLOUD BACKUP FOR PC - Cloud storage for keeping important files and documents safe from data loss due to hard drive failure, device theft and ransomware.

SAFECAM FOR PC - Alerts you to unauthorized access to your webcam and helps you block it.

INTELLIGENT FIREWALL FOR PC OR FIREWALL FOR MAC® - Monitors data transfer between your computer and other devices and helps block unauthorized traffic.

VIRUS PROTECTION PROMISE - From the moment you subscribe, a Norton expert is available to help keep your devices virus-free or we'll refund your money.

Convenient, uninterrupted protection - You get peace of mind knowing your subscription won't just expire. You'll receive advance billing notification. You will be notified by email before the renewal fee is debited. You can opt out of auto-renewal at any time.

CHILD SAFETY - Tools to help your children explore the Internet more safely.

System Requirements 

PC and Mac: Operating System: At least Windows 7 or the penultimate macOS 

Hardware: Processor: At least 1 GHz clock speed. At least 256 MB of RAM, at least 300 MB of free hard disk space.  

Mobile Devices: At least Android 6.0 or penultimate iOS

Properties: "Norton 360 Deluxe, 25 GB cloud backup, 3 devices, 1 year"
Operating System:
Included Applications:
Child Protection
Cloud Backup
Dark Web Monitoring
Multi Device
Password Manager
Privacy Protection
Virus Protection
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Properties: "Norton 360 Deluxe, 25 GB cloud backup, 3 devices, 1 year"
Operating System:
Included Applications:
Child Protection
Cloud Backup
Dark Web Monitoring
Multi Device
Password Manager
Privacy Protection
Virus Protection
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