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TurboCAD Mac v14 Pro

TurboCAD Mac v14 Pro

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Introduction to TurboCAD Mac v14 Pro Overview TurboCAD® Mac v14 Pro offers unrivaled... more

Product information "TurboCAD Mac v14 Pro"

Introduction to TurboCAD Mac v14 Pro


TurboCAD® Mac v14 Pro offers unrivaled precision and control in a professional 2D/3D CAD package. With fully integrated 2D drafting tools, 3D surface and ACIS® solid modeling tools, assembly tools, advanced architectural tools and photorealistic rendering, you'll be accompanied by thousands of symbols, materials, decals and more.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive 2D/3D CAD software for Mac with high performance
  • Compatible with over a dozen popular CAD and graphics formats
  • Intuitive tools like LogiCursor™ make drawing easy
  • Access to training tutorials for quick learning
  • Two different pricing models: perpetual license and annual subscription


Precise design and editing

  • LogiCursor™ makes drawing easier by suggesting your next step
  • Gripper enables drag-and-drop functionality for easy editing
  • Customizable grids provide precise drag-and-drop in rectangular, polar and isometric layouts

Advanced design documentation

  • Over 20 customizable scale types for professional design documentation
  • Additional features such as bitmap import, spell check and one-click fills

Architectural planning tools

  • Architectural wall tools for detailed building plans
  • Parametric doors and windows for realistic building designs
  • Instant 3D walls, roofs and floor slabs for quick designs

Tools for woodworking

  • Quickly create miter joints such as tongue and groove joints
  • Edge treatments for customized wood designs
  • Multiple options for miter, tongue and groove joints

Complete set of 2D drawing tools

  • Extensive selection of tools for lines, circles, ellipses and curves
  • Text and dimension tools as well as modifiers and transformation tools for easy editing

Powerful 3D modeling tools

  • NURBS surface modeling for complex organic shapes
  • Push/pull modeling for simple editing of 3D surfaces
  • 3D editing tools such as skinning, veneering and beveling

3D printing tools

  • Checking the printability of models with automatic analysis
  • Adjustment of structure and wall thickness for optimal 3D printing results
  • Preview of slices and automatic positioning for smooth printing

Recording, publishing and PDF creation

  • Record the screen with QuickTime Recording for videos and tutorials
  • Save designs as PDFs or export to desktop publishing formats

New features of TurboCAD Mac v14 Pro

TurboCAD Mac v14 Pro is a powerful and versatile 2D/3D CAD software designed specifically for Mac users. With advanced features and intuitive tools, TurboCAD Mac v14 Pro enables designers, engineers, architects and hobbyists to create stunning designs and realize their ideas with precision and ease.

Unfold tool

The Unfold tool is a handy feature that allows users to flatten analytical or NURBS surfaces into the XY plane. This tool is especially useful for creating flattened patterns for manufacturing or visualization purposes. Whether you are working with complex curved surfaces or simple geometries, the flattening tool provides accurate results while maintaining the integrity of the original design.

BOM fraction measurements

The creation of BOMs has been enhanced with an option to support fractional measurements. This enhancement simplifies the process of creating detailed BOMs with accurate measurements and makes it easier for users to communicate design specifications and requirements with stakeholders and collaborators.

Collision detection

Collision detection is an important tool to ensure the integrity and functionality of your designs. By identifying potential collisions or interference between different parts or components within an assembly, users can address issues ahead of time and optimize their designs for performance and manufacturability. TurboCAD Mac v14 Pro's clash detection tool allows users to perform thorough analysis and eliminate potential problems before they occur.

Compare Parts

The Compare Parts tool allows users to analyze discrepancies in geometry between two parts or components. By visualizing minimum distance vectors between the selected parts, users can identify discrepancies and make adjustments to ensure compatibility and alignment. Whether you are performing quality control checks or evaluating design iterations, the part comparison tool provides valuable insights for improving your designs.


The gear tool in TurboCAD Mac v14 Pro simplifies the process of creating spur gears for mechanical applications. By specifying parameters such as number of teeth, module, pressure angle and more, users can generate precise gear profiles with ease. Whether you are designing gear systems for machines or modeling mechanical assemblies, the gear tool offers comprehensive functionality for your engineering needs.

PBR motor rendering

Physically Based Rendering (PBR) is an innovative rendering technique that realistically simulates the behavior of light and materials. TurboCAD Mac v14 Pro's PBR photo rendering capabilities allow users to create stunning visualizations with unparalleled realism and detail. From architectural visualizations to product visualizations, PBR rendering enhances the quality and reality of your designs, allowing you to present your work with confidence.

Photorender tool palette

The Photo Render Tool Palette provides users with easy access to a variety of rendering tools and settings for creating high-quality renderings. From creating cameras and render windows to adjusting render settings and post effects, users can customize their render workflow and achieve the desired results with precision and efficiency.

Render Settings

The Render Settings dialog box offers a comprehensive selection of settings and parameters to fine-tune the rendering process. From general settings such as render presets and engine type to advanced options such as HDRI, backgrounds and post effects, users have full control over every aspect of the rendering process. Whether you're aiming for photorealistic or stylized visuals, the Render Settings dialog box provides the tools you need to achieve your desired aesthetic.

How to buy TurboCAD Mac v14 Pro

You can either purchase TurboCAD Mac v14 Pro as a perpetual license, giving you a lifetime of use, or you can choose the annual subscription to always have access to the latest features.

What does TurboCAD Mac v14 Pro offer?

TurboCAD Mac v14 Pro provides you with powerful tools for precise 2D/3D design that will take your design process to the next level.

System requirements of TurboCAD Mac v14 Pro

Macintosh® OS 10.11 to 13.0 or higher¹, x64 Intel® Mac®, 3 GB hard disk space, 8 GB RAM or more, mouse pointer (wheel button recommended), OpenGL-compatible graphics card with 256 MB VRAM, ¹ Program compatibility is not guaranteed for earlier operating systems, you need a computer with an operating system with x64 (64-bit) architecture

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