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Serif PagePlus X9

Serif PagePlus X9

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Serif PagePlus X9 For your design & layout projects For creating posters,... more

Product information "Serif PagePlus X9"

Serif PagePlus X9

  • For your design & layout projects
  • For creating posters, flyers, brochures, magazines, menu cards, greeting cards, logosetc.
  • Over 800 professional theme templates
  • Including PhotoLab-Studio: 70 correction functions
  • NEW!Customizable QR Codes
  • NEW!Convert text to tables
  • NEW!Flexible calendars
  • BETTER!Even more options for file compatibility

    Create professional advertising, sophisticated print products and electronic documents with PagePlus X9, the leading desktop publishing program.

    The new version of PagePlus is now even faster and more user-friendly and allows the production of large design documents and their accurate, professional output. With this program you can create high-quality, eye-catching and appealing advertising in no time at all: from brochures and books, menus and magazines, flyers and forms to professional printing functions including pre-press and PDF editing.

    With the absolutely flexible layouts, you can create any type of print product or electronic document. The feature-rich tools for text and image editing make work a breeze! With comprehensive PDF editing, PagePlus X9 gives you complete control over PDF files. Almost any PDF file can be opened and edited like a normal PagePlus document.

    Then export the document as a print-optimized PDF or upload it to a website. With customizable templates, intuitive tools, and drag-and-drop functionality, you'll be able to create stunning effects in no time. Complicated print jobs are a thing of the past!

    Flexible printing options let you achieve the perfect result in every pass. Create double-sided prints even on traditional printers or send compatible, high-quality documents to a print studio for professional prints.

    PagePlus X9 - Your personal design agency on your own desk!

    What is NEW & BETTER?

    BETTER! PDFs exactly according to your ideas

    Extended PDF export
    PagePlus X9 supports the latest PDF/X-4 and PDF/X-5 standards, so you can now use transparency. In addition, the files are smaller, can be output faster and printed with an even higher quality.

    Overprinting in PDFs
    With the new settings for overprinting in PDFs, you can avoid nasty surprises caused by mistakes in the print output. Simply place the objects on top of each other the way you want - without color and trapping errors. The PDFs can also be processed more easily by other designers and printers in this way.

    PDF Passthrough
    When you place PDF files in your documents (e.g. advertisements), the pass-through mode ensures fidelity to the original.

    Precise control of all PDF options
    With the new options in PagePlus X9, you can control exactly how your documents are displayed when opened, so your readers see the content exactly as you intended.

    We have also expanded the options for scaling documents in A3, A4, A5 and tabloid sizes. Resizing of documents is therefore much faster.

    BETTER!Even more options for file compatibility

    EPS export
    Now you can export your documents as EPS files with precise color space and transparency settings, as well as output text as curves and embed fonts

    Placing DPP files
    Files from DrawPlus X8 can be easily placed as images in PagePlus documents and even converted into objects, allowing you to easily customize the designs.

    Support for WebP
    PagePlus X9 now supports Google's new WebP files - ideal when you need small compressed files for electronic distribution via websites or email.

    NEW! Absolutely uncomplicated, absolutely precise

    Now you can control all your text, QuickShapes, and other objects more precisely with convenient tool feedback. Tools display the exact dimensions, angles, rotations and distances of these page elements as well as node information directly during your work.

    The guide lines can now also be placed even faster and easier thanks to the new guide line tool. Of course, you can also use the "Transform" tab to specify the exact position of the lines, move them step by step with the arrows on your keyboard, and copy, cut and paste several guide lines simultaneously into other pages or documents.

    Master pages can now be conveniently given individual names, and you can also assign the master pages to several pages at once. Especially with long documents you save yourself a lot of effort.


    NEW!Customizable QR Codes

    Design your own QR codes and insert them into your documents like other objects. Readers can then directly access additional information such as directions to an event, contact forms, links to your website and much more.

    BETTER!Extended language support

    Hunspell's dictionaries and hyphenation can now also be used in PagePlus X9, allowing you to work comfortably in different languages and to carefully correct all texts.


    NEW!Convert text to tables

    Converting a huge amount of unformatted text information into a table is a time-consuming process, especially if you need to import text from different sources, such as Word documents or email. PagePlus can now easily create a formatted table from the text of a text frame. This method is just perfect if you want to work with other designers and collect information for schedules and business statistics without typing in each piece of information individually.


    NEW!Flexible calendars

    The Calendar Appointment Manager has been completely redesigned and now offers you even more options for the calendars in PagePlus. Public holidays of different regions can be entered into your calendar just as easily as private or business appointments. You can even import popular calendar types directly, such as iCal, .ics, .ifb, iCalendar, and many more. We have also expanded the template palette so that you can insert your own photos and flexibly adjust fonts, colors and size. Within a few minutes your personal calendars are ready for use.


    Designing documents without restrictions

    PagePlus is probably the only DTP software you will ever need - see for yourself! Whether posters, flyers, menu cards, complete sets of stationery, signs, newsletters and many other advertising materials - with this software you can create really any kind of document for companies, clubs, events or private purposes. You can even design your own logos, colour schemes and fantastic graphics, and of course edit photos - all using the built-in tools and Logo Studio and PhotoLab. Whatever your design project, PagePlus X9 is the perfect partner.

    Document design has never been easier

    You don't have to be an expert or professional to achieve professional results! Fantastic posters, signs, newsletters and many other documents have never been so easy! Simply select a document type. By simply clicking and dragging, flexibly configurable texts, images and graphics can then be put together in a few simple steps. If you need to get started quickly, or need some help getting started, simply choose one of over 2,000 fully customizable templates. From images, graphics and logos to professionally designed, complete documents, there is always something for you here.

    Design flexible PDFs

    With our new DTP professional you can of course open, edit, save and even create PDFs yourself. Save PDFs in the modern PDF/X-3 standard preferred by many print shops, printers and publishers, or as a small PDF for use on websites and sending by e-mail. You can edit PDFs just as comprehensively and flexibly as normal documents. Change the text, images and page order? No worries. For the first time, PDFs can now also be imported as images, so that all text, graphics and layout are faithfully reproduced - ideal if you want to place advertising in your newsletters and magazines.

    Professional design tools for everyone

    With the professional tools and features your projects will succeed in no time - whether for printing or for online presentation. Of course you can also go both ways. Do you need flexible digital documents with precise layout? Then create your designs in the new "EPUB 3" standard, so that all your brochures, menu cards and other publications can be displayed true to the original on modern devices. Use the flexible and vibrant colour schemes with CMYK support for perfect print output. The new baseline grid ensures that all texts in your layout are always precisely aligned. You will be surprised how professional your documents will look!

    Flexible, precise and attractive results


    Whatever type of document you need for your company - with this software everything works like clockwork. The uncomplicated and professional tools of PagePlus X9 are ideal for:

    • Posters, flyers, menu cards, programs and newsletters for your company, your club or certain events
    • Interactive documents including brochures and newsletters as PDFs or eBooks
    • Technical graphics, diagrams and charts - perfect for annual reports and presentations
    • Complete sets of stationery, resumes and greeting cards
    • And much more thanks to all the professional features and tools!
    Comparison table
    Microsoft® Publisher 2013
    Adobe® InDesign® CS6
    Serif PagePlus X9
    Installation and working without internet connection Restricted contents _
    Compatible with Windows XP and Vista _ _
    Support for high DPI settings (for retina displays, HDTV and accessibility)
    Open PDFs: Open and fully edit all objects in PDF documents _ _
    logo design studio _ _
    PhotoLab - fast and powerful image editing _ _
    Tables and calendars with designer for your own format templates _ _
    Integrated diagrams _ _
    Professional photo effects and image adjustments Restricted _
    Create PDF/X files for professional print output (CMYK PDF/X-3 or later) _
    Export books in EPUB® and Mobi formats for eReader and Kindle devices _ No Kindle
    System requirements
    Size 1.17 Gb
    Operating system Windows XP, Windows Vista 32-bit, Windows 7, Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 7 32-bit, Windows 8 32-bit, Windows 8 64-bit, Windows 8, Windows 10

    System equipment

    • Windows PC* with DVD drive and mouse
    • One of the operating systems Microsoft Windows® 10, 8, 7, Vista or XP SP3 (32 bit)
    • 512 MB RAM (Windows® XP), 1 GB RAM (Windows® Vista and 32-bit versions of Windows 7® and 8) or 2 GB RAM (64-bit versions of Windows® 7 and 8)
    • 510 MB free hard disk space
    • Monitor resolution of 1024 x 768 (at a scaling of 100 %)

    Recommended equipment

    For processing large and/or complex documents, additional memory and hard disk space are required.


    • Windows-compatible printer
    • TWAIN-compliant scanner and/or digital camera
    • NET 2.0 (installed by default)* for the text import filters of Word 2007/2010 + OpenOffice
    • To access online resources and install .NET, you need Internet access and an account with an Internet service provider.

    * The main processor of your computer must support the SSE2 command set.

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