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Gamers need more than simple virus protection. Norton 360 for Gamers provides - multi-layered,... more

Product information "Norton 360 for Gamers 50 GB Cloud"

Gamers need more than simple virus protection.
Norton 360 for Gamers provides - multi-layered, state-of-the-art security for PCs. Helps protect against online threats like malware and webcam hijacking. Also includes a VPN that strengthens your protection against DDoS attacks, doxxing, and swatting.

Notifications are optimized to interrupt you less often while you play. In full-screen mode, all notifications except critical security alerts are muted. For an optimized gaming experience, Game Optimizer also assigns its own CPU cores to the game.

Performance Description

Game Optimizer :
This feature optimizes game performance by assigning games their own CPU cores on PCs with multicore processors.

Darknet monitoring :
We monitor the darknet and notify you if we find your personal information, including your gamertags, usernames, and email addresses  

SafeVPN :
Browse more securely and anonymously by hiding your IP address with a VPN without log files to increase your protection against DDoS attacks, doxxing and swatting.

SafeCam for PC :
Informs you of attempts to access your webcam so you can block them. This way you can better protect yourself from possible streaming bans and avoid embarrassment.

Password Manager :
A strong password is important to better secure your gaming accounts. Let us help you store complex passwords, credit card information and other credentials online - in a safe and well-protected way.

Online backup of 50 GB :
Automatic cloud backup for PCs: back up your clips from online games5 to free up space on your hard drives.

Real-time threat protection :
State-of-the-art multi-layered security helps protect your devices from known and emerging malware threats, including email phishing attacks and vulnerabilities in games and websites.

Notification optimization :
We only notify you when your Windows PC is under attack, when your protection is compromised, or when you are not using a feature to which you are entitled. Product and service reminders are under your control.

Phishingprotection :
Phishing protection analyzes the security level of websites you visit and allows you to block websites known to be fraudulent.

Smart Firewall for PC or Firewall for Mac®:
Helps protect your device and the data stored on it from malicious attacks and prying eyes, even in game mode.

Intrusion Prevention Scanning:
Scans incoming data and helps block potential online threats before they reach your computer.

Device Security:
Protects 3 devices in real time from ransomware, viruses, spyware, malware and other online threats.

Web Isolation Mode :
Helps better secure sensitive information you enter online (such as when you log in to your bank or gaming account). Thanks to virtualization technology, website browsing is done through a Norton server, giving you an extra layer of protection against web-based threats.

Parental Control :
Help your kids manage their online activities and detect threats before they become a problem.

Full-screen detection :
This feature detects when you are using your PC's full-screen mode and mutes all notifications except important security alerts.


Function descriptions

Game Optimizer :
Assigns games their own CPU cores to ensure an optimal gaming experience.
Guarantees an optimal gaming experience for players¹¹.
Game Optimizer is a patented technology for PCs with multicore processors. It ensures an immersive gaming experience by reducing sudden performance drops while preserving your computer's protection. Non-essential applications are limited to a single processor core, allowing the remaining cores to be used for gaming.

  • Automatically detects and optimizes games that place heavy demands on the processor, whether in full-screen or windowed mode.
  • Allocates the CPU power needed for games to run optimally by restricting unimportant applications to a single CPU core¹¹. This leaves the remaining cores available for gameplay to boost performance.
  • Ensures optimal gaming performance by limiting non-essential applications and functions to a single CPU core, freeing up the remaining cores for gaming.
  • Because the game is allocated its own processor cores, there are fewer sudden spikes in CPU load that could slow down the game.


Full-screen mode detection

Are you playing in full screen mode?
We detect if you are playing in full screen mode and automatically enable silent mode. This suppresses most warning messages and pauses background activities. Only activities that help protect your computer from viruses and other cyber threats are performed. This reduces the number of unnecessary background activities and improves game performance.

IntrusionPrevention Analysis
Protection against cryptojacking and tech support scams.
Intrusion Prevention Analysis monitors request and response headers to help prevent browser-based cryptojacking (mining cryptocurrencies without your consent) and support fraud. The feature also blocks websites that pose as official support portals.

Notifications optimization
Do you get annoyed with all the notifications on your PC when you play games?
As gamers, we too have often been annoyed by annoying notifications that interrupt the flow of our game. In Norton 360 for Gamers, notifications have been optimized: There are fewer notifications and you have more control over which ones can be permanently muted.
This Windows-specific feature means we only notify you when your PC is under attack, your protection is compromised, or you're not using a feature you're entitled to. We also leave you in control of permanently muting feature notifications.
So when you're playing games, streaming movies, working or doing other activities on your PC, you won't be disturbed by unimportant pop-ups.

  • The PC-specific Optimized Notification feature ensures that we only interrupt you when you're under attack, your protection is expiring, or you're not using a feature you're entitled to.
  • The control over permanently muting feature notifications is in your hands.
  • If you are playing, streaming, working, etc. on your PC, we won't interrupt you unless it's really important.

Most alerts on Windows can be suppressed when full-screen mode is used.
Norton Cloud Backup" and "Norton SafeCam" features are only available on Windows (except Windows 10 in S mode; Windows on PCs with ARM processors).
Game Optimizer is available only on PCs with at least four processor cores running Windows (except Windows 10 in S mode; Windows on PCs with ARM processors).
Parental Control features are not supported on Mac systems and Windows 10 in S mode.
§ Dark Web monitoring is not available in all countries. The information that is monitored depends on your country of residence. By default, the feature monitors your email address and the process starts immediately. Log in to your account to enter more monitoring information.

INFORMATION ON PAYMENT METHOD REQUIRED FOR ONE YEAR PRIOR SUBSCRIPTION: You are purchasing a recurring subscription that will automatically renew after the first year. To activate your subscription, you must register online and provide your billing information. The price you pay today is for the first year of your subscription. After that, your subscription will automatically renew each year and will be charged at the current renewal price, which you can find at This price is subject to change. However, we will always notify you in advance by email.
Your subscription provides protection for the specified number of devices during the subscription term, which begins on the date of online activation. It may include updates and product, service and/or security features that may be added, modified or removed in accordance with the applicable license and services agreement, which is available at You must download and install the Product separately for each device to enable protection.
The collection, storage and use of data is subject to NortonLifeLock's general privacy policy, which is available at

System Requirements

Operating Systems

  • Windows
  • MacOS (Apple)
  • iOS
  • Android

Software - Scope - Security

  • Anti-Spam
  • Firewall
  • Parental control
  • Password Manager
  • Phishing Protection
  • Antivirus
  • VPN


  • Internet connection required
Properties: "Norton 360 for Gamers 50 GB Cloud"
Operating System:
Included Applications:
Child Protection
Cloud Backup
Dark Web Monitoring
Gamer Mode
Password Manager
Virus Protection
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Properties: "Norton 360 for Gamers 50 GB Cloud"
Operating System:
Included Applications:
Child Protection
Cloud Backup
Dark Web Monitoring
Gamer Mode
Password Manager
Virus Protection
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