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MindManager 21 Windows

MindManager 21 Windows

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    MindManager 2021 for Windows  Industry leading mind mapping &... more

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MindManager 2021 for Windows 

Industry leading mind mapping & visualization

  • Create dynamic maps & diagrams
  • Process & organize information more effectively
  • Structure and clarity for concepts, plans & projects
  • Everything at a glance: the big picture & all details
  • Co-editing (subject to a fee, see detailed information) | Data entry tools | Mobile Viewer apps | Excel integrations | Advanced project management functions and MORE
  • Resources and tags (labels) can now be added to branches much faster. This allows you to accelerate the development of your projects. To do this, simply enter "@" or "#" followed by the name of the resource or tag.
  • Hide branch information to keep your maps clear and yet quickly access all information and elements. To quickly copy content, you can drag and drop branch information from Branch Info Cards to branches and vice versa.
  • We've added new, industry-standard shapes - block arrows, guillemets, parallelograms, and trapezoids - to reflect all the situations needed to maximize the impact of your diagrams and flowcharts.
  • Increase the readability of complex flowcharts by adding line breaks. Choose from several industry-standard options, including arcs, bridges, and gaps. You can now create connections between branches and objects, giving you greater flexibility.

MindManager makes it easier for you to think, plan and communicate

Information is invaluable. But it can also be overwhelming in the masses. With MindManager, you have all the information about your work and your business environment safely under control - instead of being overwhelmed by it.


Work as fast as you think you can.

With inflexible, linear tools, your best ideas fall by the wayside. Working with MindManager is based on the natural working principle of the brain - fast and dynamic - so no idea or important detail is forgotten.
Quickly fade in more detailed layers to key points without losing the clarity and structure of relationships.
Add detail and context as you create tasks, without interrupting the workflow.
Easily rearrange or copy information using drag and drop.

Don't worry about the details.

You can only be productive if you work on the right things. MindManager puts tasks, ideas, data and details in context. You see at a glance what's important, what needs to be prioritized, and what can wait.
Discover hidden connections between topics, tasks and data.
Avoid redundancies, identify risks and recognize opportunities.
Identify the further effects of an action in advance so that you can make informed decisions.

Close communication gaps.

Email correspondence, unproductive meetings and lack of coordination are deadly for projects. With MindManager, you can bring together all the information related to a project, plan, or concept in a centralized, shared portal. This allows your team members to complete their tasks systematically and on time and - most importantly - always stay on top of things.
Communicate responsibilities, priorities, deadlines and much more transparently.
Network related and interdependent points of action visually to avoid redundancies and promote cooperation.
View projects by resource, task, schedule, or in Gantt view to keep track of key tasks, status, progress, and risks.

Everything at a glance.

Knowledge is only power when you have access to it. MindManager brings together distributed data into a single, clearly structured dashboard and presents it as a unified whole. It connects and considers all points, and makes sure that everything gets done.
Synchronize related data from Microsoft Office files, content repositories and over 800 apps.
Easily add, relate and view files, images, links, media and more. So you have your day and your work under control.
Edit the information you see with flexibility and fluidity, without having to switch to another window or split your screen.

NEW in MIndManager 2021:

Work faster. Work better. Work CONNECTED.

MindManager 2021 helps you achieve your goal by connecting all the things that are important to your work - wherever they are and wherever you are.

NEW! Co-Editing (Joint editing)
Encourage teamwork and drive innovation

When people dedicate all their brainpower to a common goal, amazing things can happen. With MindManager, you can now experience the power of live collaboration. Invite colleagues from different departments, offices and time zones to collaborate on maps in real time. You'll see plans emerge before your eyes, opportunities arise and ideas evolve.

  • In a secure cloud-based session, you can actively collaborate on MindManager Maps with others.
  • MindManager's flexible virtual environment enables dynamic planning meetings, knowledge sharing, brainstorming, and more.
  • Invited participants do not need a MindManager license to participate in a co-editing session.
  • Available as an add-on service for single and enterprise customers (paid subscription and only for customers with active Upgrade Assurance)

NEW! MindManager Snap Capture Tool
Capture great content as soon as you discover it

Inspirations and ideas can emerge at any time. With MindManager Snap, you're ready to capture them right away! Capture content for your maps in seconds, even when you don't have access to MindManager, and add it to your maps later so you don't miss out on spontaneous ideas and early morning brainstorms.

  • Capture images, links and text notes anytime, anywhere through your desktop, chrome browser or mobile device.
  • Expand, enrich and enhance your maps in new ways.
  • Content captured with MindManager Snap is kept safe and secure in a cloud-based queue until you can add it to your map.

MindManager Snap Chrome Extension is available from the Chrome Web Store.

To capture from mobile devices, you need the MindManager Go Mobile app.

NEW! Mobile MindManager Go Viewer App
Use your maps beyond the PC

You don't just stop thinking just because you're not at your desk anymore. Projects and tasks continue to run and need to be monitored. That's why your maps are available to you at any time from now on. With our completely redesigned MindManager Go mobile viewer app, you can review, present, and discuss content for your maps anywhere, anytime.

  • View and navigate MindManager maps on Android or iOS devices.
  • Maps can be filtered by tags, icons, priority, and progress so you can focus on the information you need.
  • Images and text annotations can be sent to your MindManager desktop app using the new MindManager Snap Capture Tool.

Available for download from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

NEW! Excel Data Mapper
Gain a better overview of complex data

 From now on you can use the incredible data processing power of Excel and leave its complexity behind. Our new data mapper tool lets you quickly and accurately categorize, understand, and analyze Excel data imported into MindManager Maps.

  • Create a map view of Excel spreadsheets that displays only the data you need - the way you want it.
  • Select the file, data range, and row layout.
  • Specify how row and column information is mapped to map structure, branch properties, calculations, and more.

NEW! Excel export
Give your spreadsheets style AND substance

Enjoy more control than ever before when structuring and presenting information in Excel. Easily customize the structure, outline, style, and more when exporting content from MindManager Maps to Excel with our new Excel export.

  • Create an attractive, accurate, and easy-to-understand spreadsheet based on the map content.
  • Add icons, tags, task information, properties and more.
  • Specify the order of content, table layout and formatting.

 NEW! Cost Calculation (Project Cost Tracking)
Gain a more complete picture of your project

Keeping an eye on costs is - regardless of the size of the budget - the key to successful project management. With our new cost calculation tool, you can quickly insert unit costs into your project maps, update them effortlessly and calculate the total cost with a simple click. This guarantees the immediate visibility of one of the most critical project elements.

  • Define and display general costs in your project maps.
  • Filter your maps for cost information and adapt them for budget discussions.
  • Manage exceptions and ensure that the budget is met by creating SmartRules that signal when costs exceed certain amounts.

See and achieve more with Gantt charts

Gantt charts are appreciated by project managers for their richness of detail, clarity and comprehensibility. We have integrated the Gantt Pro functionality into our standard Gantt chart tool to make it even more powerful and flexible for individual users.

  • Open Gantt charts in a separate window for better clarity and easier updating.
  • Track general project costs in the Gantt view.
  • View and print both grid and Gantt charts horizontally on a single page.


OPTIMIZED Flowchart tools
Ensure a smooth process flow

 Clear, well-defined processes lead to smooth, trouble-free workflows. Our new, optimized flowcharts allow you to quickly create visual process flows that bring form and clarity to even the most complex processes, are easy for others to understand and follow, and can be easily adapted when requirements change.

  • With one click, new swimlanes can be added to existing diagrams.
  • With the new container function, the relative branch position within a swimlane is maintained when the swimlanes are moved, resized or new segments are inserted.
  • Swimlane segments can now be individually formatted for clear visual differentiation.
  • Connections can be better positioned and controlled.

 OPTIMIZED Mapping and visualization tools
Achieve greater impact faster  

The faster and easier you can create and navigate MindManager maps, the greater their value to you and your work. MindManager 2020 includes a number of map creation improvements that make it more intuitive, powerful, and efficient!

  • The NEW Image Thumbnails let you optimize the placement and presentation of images in maps.
  • Organize and update branches faster and more intuitively with the IMPROVED Drag & Drop feature.
  • Quickly categorize and assign meaning to content with the NEW feature for quickly adding symbol and tag groups in the Index, Symbol and Tag views.
  • Improved control over link lines lets you define links clearly and precisely.
  • Use the NEW container feature to keep related branches together within shapes when you move or adjust shapes.
  • Enhanced SmartRules give you even more automation and acceleration.
  • Optimized location integrations make it easier to access maps stored in the cloud.
  • And much more!
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