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InPixio Photo Clip 8.0 Remove objects Magnifi cantly cutting out people... more

Product information "InPixio Photo Clip 8.0, Download"

InPixio Photo Clip 8.0

  • Remove objects
  • Magnifi cantly cutting out people
  • Create photomontages with your own photos
  • NEW! New more intuitive user interface
  • NEW! Detailed user manual
  • NEW! Cut to size and rotate by 90
  • NEW! Duplication and opacity

InPixio Photo Clip 8 is a digital editing tool that allows you to crop any detail, people, objects or even entire scenes in your photos and remove unwanted elements.

With the "Remove" tool you can remove unwanted objects or people from your photos - for perfect photos!

With the "Cut" tool you can cut or crop objects from your photos. You can then insert these into other images and backgrounds.

This is the easy way to create impressive photomontages!

An interactive wizard, numerous tutorials and an interactive step-by-step introductory exercise guide you through the software - for perfect results!

Remove unwanted objects or persons - with the "Eraser" module

With the "Remove" function you can remove any objects or persons from the picture - for flawless photos!

InPixio Photo Clip 8.0 removes the selected areas as with an eraser and restores the background textures of your photo.

The selection tool includes an automatic color detection feature that makes editing photos even easier, and you can correct any remaining blemishes with the clone stamp.


  • Remove traffic lights, signs and wiring
  • Remove scaffolding or shade
  • Remove text, data, logos and watermarks
Improve the quality of your photos with just a few clicks

Cutting out objects - simple and precise

With InPixio Photo Clip 8 - your digital scissors - you can cut out any details, people, objects or landscape elements from your photo.

"Cutting" or the so-called "cropping" belongs to the supreme discipline of image processing and requires time, sensitivity and high concentration. It is better to concentrate on the essentials and leave the work to the specialist.

Use the green brush to select the shape of the object you want to preserve and the red brush to select the background you want to remove. Thanks to a powerful algorithm, Photo Clip 8.0 automatically detects the contours of your object and frees your selected object - quickly and accurately!

If necessary, you can use a special cursor to select important details that should be retained.
Even the finest details and complex contours such as hair can be cut out with the greatest precision.

Photomontages - in only 4 steps!

Create unique photomontages in 4 steps:

Simply create a completely new photo!

Backgrounds for photomontages

25 new background topics available: Fun, science fiction, sports, holidays etc.

Creating a "photomontage" with InPixio Photo Clip 8.0

(The video is in English, but the software is of course available in German)

What's new in v8?

Desired by our users:

  • NEW!Detailed user manual

All functions and modules are explained in response to user requests. Tips for editing photos are also included.

  • NEW! Backgrounds for photomontages

25 new background topics available: Fun, science fiction, sports, holidays etc.

Functional features:

  • NEW! Duplication and opacity

  • NEW!Tocut and turn by 90°
  • NEW! Sorting photos
All photos in the currently displayed folder can be displayed in ascending or descending order by name, date or size.
  • NEW! Share by e-mail
A new option in the Share module to share photos edited with Photo Clip by email.
  • NEW!Online printing service
Via the user interface you can order with just a few clicks: Photos, cards and other personalised prints. Thousands of templates are available. Printing and delivery guaranteed within 5 days - worldwide!

User interface and usability

  • NEW!Vactual identity

The new version was equipped with a sophisticated user interface. The graphic elements were reworked with an artistic touch.

  • NEW! Dynamic user interface for Windows 10

The user interface automatically adapts to the user's selection.

  • IMPROVED!User-friendliness

New area for displaying photos, icons, tools and the load bar

Other features
  • Smooth wrinkles and correct small blemishes

Use the "Remove" function also for portrait retouching. Remove blemishes and retouch wrinkles simply away - just like the glossy magazines!

  • Cloning tool
With the clone tool you can select and clone any image area. The clone tool can be helpful to clean up impurities in the background of a photo. Or you can clone contrasting elements to create more harmony in an image.
  • Restore old photos
Also use the "Remove" function to repair scratches, stains and other defects in old (previously digitized) photos. Secure the valuable picture material of your family history!

How to quickly improve the quality of old photos with InPixio Photo Clip 8.0

  • Scan your old pictures and open your scanned photos with InPixio Photo Clip 8.0
  • Mark the damaged parts of your photo. With the right cursor size you will achieve perfect results - even the smallest scratches can be removed precisely!
  • Simply click "Remove" to restore your photo. Remove scratches, stains and damages in a few clicks!
Example: Photo restored with InPixio Photo Clip 8.0
System requirements
Version 8
Size 1.8 Mb
Operating system Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 7 32-bit, Windows 8 32-bit, Windows 8 64-bit, Windows 10
  • 2 GB of main memory (RAM) (4 GB recommended)
  • 250 MB hard disk space
  • Internet connection
  • Screen resolution 1024 x 768
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