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Gilisoft Copy Protect

Gilisoft Copy Protect

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Gilisoft Copy Protect: Ultimate protection for your files In a digital world where data and... more

Product information "Gilisoft Copy Protect"

Gilisoft Copy Protect: Ultimate protection for your files

In a digital world where data and files are invaluable, protecting this information is more important than ever. Whether it's sensitive company documents, creative media projects or personal memories, the need to protect these files from unauthorized access and illegal copying cannot be overstated. This is where Gilisoft Copy Protect comes in - a powerful software designed to secure your valuable files and protect them from unwanted sharing or modification. If you've ever wondered how to protect your digital content from misuse, this is the solution you've been looking for. So, why not buy Gilisoft Copy Protect and make your data safer?

What is Gilisoft Copy Protect?

Gilisoft Copy Protect is a comprehensive software solution that helps you protect your audios, videos, PDFs, DOCs, PPTs, XLS sheets and images so that they cannot be copied, duplicated or distributed illegally. With this software, you can ensure that your files can only be opened on authorized devices, making unauthorized access virtually impossible.

Exclusive features of Copy Protection

Stop unauthorized sharing

Copy Protect creates non-shareable GCP files to protect your videos, images, DOCs, PDFs, XLS and PPT files from sharing, editing, copying or unauthorized viewing. The first time a protected file is opened, the user is warned that the file will be bound to their Device and cannot be opened on other devices.

Stop copying and pasting

With Copy Protect, you can prevent content from being copied and pasted. Text selection, cut, copy, paste and right-click are disabled to ensure that your files cannot be copied or manipulated.

Stop printing

The print protection function prevents documents from being printed. Printing is disabled by default, so no additional controls are required to stop printing.

Stop screen recording

This feature prevents sensitive information from being captured through screen recording. Copy Protect hides content from malicious software that may attempt to record the screen.

Prevent the editing of content

With export restrictions, Copy Protect ensures that files cannot be edited or copied without permission. These security measures make it virtually impossible to modify protected files.

Automatic expiry of content

Every protected file has an expiration date. As soon as the current date exceeds the expiration date, the file can no longer be viewed or accessed. Copy Protect checks the date with an online time server so that changing the date and time on your own devices cannot bypass this protective measure.

Government level security

Copy Protect encrypts media using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), one of the most secure encryption algorithms available today. This is the same encryption standard used by the NSA to secure "Top Secret" classified documents.

Supported media formats

Copy Protect can encrypt almost any type of office, video, audio and image format. These include PDF, DOCX, DOC, XLSX, XLS, RTF, ODT, PPT, PPTX, MP4, AVI, MKV, WMV, MP3, AAC, OGG, WMA, JPG, BMP and PNG.

USB copy protection

With USB copy protection, you can protect your videos, PDFs and other files from unauthorized distribution and copying. You can create 3 accounts: Admin account, Demo account and Client account. You can also choose between 3 binding types: bind to CD, bind to USB disk and bind to Device (Windows, macOS, iPhone, Android).

Dynamic watermarks

Watermarks can be added to videos, with support for floating or fixed watermark styles. You can define font color and size and create different watermark content for different users. Floating watermarks can change positions automatically.

High speed protection

No video conversion, no loss of quality. Videos in SuperSpeed mode are just as fast as moving files between folders. You can save to hard disk, USB disk or burn to CD/DVD. Multiple copies can be encrypted.

Fast packaging of multiple documents

You can select multiple files with the same or different formats and encrypt them into a package file with a single playback operation. The program offers an integrated player for your videos and audios as well as a viewer for your images and documents so that you can maintain your privacy at all times.

GCP or EXE formats

This application can export two encryption formats: GCP or EXE. A GEM file packs one or more video, audio or image media files that can be played with the integrated GCP Reader. You can send the GCP file and tell the recipients to download Copy Protection to view the content. The program creates EXE-portable applications, so no installation is required at the other end to view the content.

Prevent duplication

The program protects against data breaches that can lead to loss of revenue and intellectual property. Advanced copy protection technology limits access to your data by unauthorized users. Unbreakable protection for all your media files, including videos, audios, images and documents.

No waiting, no temporary files

Unlike software like WinZip that protects files with a password, video playback does not require decompression. With password-protected video playback without waiting or temporary files, the user is prompted to enter a playback password.

Prevent illegal copying and distribution

Copy Protection allows you to prevent illegal copying and distribution of your media files. With this encryption tool, you can encrypt various types of video or audio files (e.g. WMV, AVI, ASF, MPG, RM, RMVB, MP4, FLV and many more) into GCP files that can only be played with a playback password. Users can only play the encrypted media files after receiving the playback password you provide.

Who should use Gilisoft Copy Protect?

Copy Protection is all about controlling the authorization to make copies. Companies and individuals who need to protect sensitive documents and files will especially benefit from this software. Here are some industries and application areas where Gilisoft Copy Protect is essential:

  • Heavy industry
  • Automotive manufacturing
  • Electronic component design
  • Household appliance design (e.g. TV, refrigerator)
  • Advertising design industry
  • Hydraulic engineering and energy design institutes
  • Telecommunications design institutes

Advantages of Gilisoft Copy Protect

If you decide to buy Gilisoft Copy Protect, you will enjoy a wide range of benefits:

  • Highest security: government-level protection through AES encryption.
  • Ease of use: Simple to set up and use.
  • Flexibility: Support for numerous file formats and media.
  • Efficiency: High speed protection and no loss of quality.
  • Reliability: Automatic content expiration and protection against screen recording.
  • Cost savings: Prevention of data breaches that can lead to financial losses.

At a time when digital content is increasingly vulnerable to unauthorized access and distribution, Gilisoft Copy Protect offers a reliable and effective solution to protect your valuable files. Whether you are a company that needs to secure confidential documents or an individual looking to protect your creative works, Gilisoft Copy Protect is the ideal choice. So why wait? Buy Gilisoft Copy Protect and secure your files today!

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