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Product information "EaseUS Partition Master Professional 18"

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The EaseUS Partition Master Professional program makes it easy to manage partitions and hard disks under Windows. For this purpose, it is possible to quickly and easily partition the hard disk in order to optimize the organization of the performance and the associated memory. Partition Master Professional is therefore a flexible and extremely effective solution for daily use, to effectively increase performance.

Ideal for migrating operating systems

If the old hard disk is to be replaced by a new version, the operating system can be migrated excellently. This applies not only to the system, but also to the data associated with it, enabling a secure application. Partition Master Professional offers exactly the right solution for this, both for the entire hard disk as well as for individual partitions, in order to ensure a secure and target-oriented transfer.

The storage space can be distributed exactly according to the user's wishes. For this purpose, the partitions can be converted into various systems, whereby, for example, primary and logical partitions, but also dynamic and basic conversions can be integrated. The possibilities for this are unlimited, so converting with Partition Master Professional is always easy.


Practical partitioning help for private use

For the organization of data on Windows systems a folder structure is provided - but this is not sufficient for many users. Consequently, there are different partitions: They bring order to the data chaos and create individual drives for specific tasks. With the Windows-internal on-board tools the partitioning of hard disks is however rather complex and limited in its possibilities. By buying EaseUS Partition Master Professional 18.0, users get a software that performs these tasks faster and more clearly. In addition to the newly created order, sensibly partitioned hard disks also bring other advantages - which becomes clear when formatting, for example. If you only format the system drive and leave the data partitions untouched, you save a lot of time and at the same time ensure the security of your own data.

The core functions of the software include the creation of new partitions by using unpartitioned space on the hard disk, the formatting of existing partitions or even the complete deletion of this allocated space. Alone these three functions of EaseUS Partition Master Professional 18.0 already allow far-reaching management steps with their own hard drives. In addition, if there is still free space available, the simple repartitioning is also possible. If there is not enough space available on a drive, it can be conveniently enlarged with a slider, while another partition is shrunk at the same time. No great prior knowledge is required for this - everything is done via an intuitive, clear user interface that can be understood even by beginners.

Perhaps an older computer with a classic HDD should also be sped up by installing a SSD hard disk . This usually does not work without data loss or a costly migration of all data. With EaseUS Partition Master Professional 18.0 it is possible to leave the migration to an automatic wizard with a few mouse clicks. The existing data is cloned and transferred from the HDD to the SSD without errors - and the result is a much higher working speed in Windows and other programs. The migration service of EaseUS Partition Master Professional 18.0 also does not require any manual input for its work, so users can simply let the device work in peace.

Users who buy EaseUS Partition Master Professional 18.0 will also merge existing partitions without any data loss. In this way, those who want to simplify their own data organization will ensure that data from multiple drives is merged without any loss. Existing partitions should be transferred to another computer? With the Copy feature   EaseUS Partition Master Professional 18.0 clones complete partitions and transfers them to new PCs, notebooks or other devices. The program also helps with dynamic partitions, whose size can change, through extensive management functions. All in all, it is a solution that can handle all commonly occurring functions related to partitioning in a short time.

This also includes the change of the file system, for example to change hard disks from the older FAT32 to the modern NTFS - without losing any data. On the other hand, those who buy a completely new notebook and want to keep the old data and all settings will benefit from the complete migration of the operating system including of all installed programs. Thus, users save a lot of time by using EaseUS Partition Master Professional 18.0 : The very time-consuming reinstallation of Windows as well as especially of the installed applications is completely omitted - the new device is therefore immediately ready for use. In addition, the software masters the reliable deletion of information, which is useful when reselling hard disks, for example.

If required, users who purchase EaseUS Partition Master Professional 18.0 can also have lost or overwritten partitions restored. This can never be 100 % guaranteed, as it is a very time-consuming process - but in the best case scenario, this feature can be used to repair data long thought lost. EaseUS Partition Master Professional 18.0 is thus a tool that combines management, repair and migration in a single software. The low system requirements also guarantee that the program can be used on older PCs or notebooks, where it can improve file management and also improve performance.

The most important functions at a glance

  • Cloning of hard disks or individual partitions
  • Recovery of lost partitions
  • Examination of the non removable disk on damage
  • Hiding of single partitions
  • Merging of several partitions
  • Optimizing the performance of the device

What's new in version 18.0

1. Fully upgrade WinPE desktop environment;
2. Add startup problem repair tools to solve Windows startup problems with one click;
3. Add Windows password removal tool to help users who lost their passwords.

Upgrade to new HDD/SSD

If you want to improve your computer's performance or simply add more storage, switching to an SSD or a larger HDD is an excellent option:

  1. OS migration: migrating your Windows operating system to an SSD or HDD can reduce boot times and improve overall system responsiveness.
  2. Clone for easy upgrade: Instead of installing everything from scratch, you can simply clone your OS hard drive. This means you can switch to a faster SSD or get a larger HDD for additional storage without reinstalling Windows or your files.
  3. Data Transfer: If you want to transfer specific data or partitions to a new HDD, cloning the partition allows you to transfer data easily and effectively.
  4. Data protection: after you have cloned your data, it is important to ensure that your old data is securely deleted to avoid potential data breaches.

Maximize hard disk performance

Efficiently using the available space on your hard drive can help improve the overall performance of your system:

  1. Full hard drive: a full drive can impact performance. However, if you receive warnings about low disk space, there are solutions. With specialized tools, you can use unallocated and free space to resize, expand or combine partitions, all without a system reboot.

Easy Windows 11 Upgrade

Upgrading to the latest operating system can improve your overall experience. Here are some steps to make sure your upgrade goes smoothly:

  1. Prepare: Before upgrading to Windows 11, make sure your computer meets the system requirements and that all drivers and software compatibilities have been checked.
  2. MBR to GPT: Windows 11 requires a GPT drive (instead of MBR) for installation. This means that you may need to perform an MBR to GPT conversion to ensure compatibility.
  3. Drive space: make sure there is enough space on your C drive to install Windows 11 and run smoothly.
  4. 1-click migration: for easy transfer, you can use special software tools to help you migrate Windows 11 to a new SSD with just one click.


Targeted organization through partitioning

Through partitioning, EaseUS Partition Master Professional 18.0 always gives users the option to access a technically safe application. This means that performance can be increased within a very short time without the need for serious reorganization measures and difficulties. Thus, with just a few clicks in the program, it is possible to improve the organization in order to fundamentally increase performance.


With the new version 18.0, there are numerous updates, which, for example, allow the system to be customized exactly according to the user's wishes. The integration of a wide range of hard disks is also described in more detail by the new version, which means that there need not be any problems around the connections of Partition Master Professional.


With EaseUS Partition Master Professional 18.0 to a secure hard drive

In connection with the program Partition Master Professional, it is therefore possible to keep an eye on the structure of one's own applications and data without any problems. Even if the user moves to another location, it thus becomes easy to access a wealth of data and keep track of all the details. This makes it much easier to buy EaseUS Partition Master and trust in high quality for your own application.


Things to know about the program

  • What exactly does EaseUS Partition Master Professional offer ?

Partition Master Professional makes it possible to simplify the management of hard disks or individual partitions. Therefore, the program is a good choice for a targeted organization of the storage and enables uncomplicated solutions.


  • Who is the target group of the program?

Both private and commercial users can rely on the uncomplicated use of the program. This makes it noticeably easier to make the partitioning of the hard disk an organized job and to relieve the existing structures.


  • What is partitioning helpful for?

With the help of partitioning it is possible to transfer individual areas of the hard disk and work on safe solutions. This is especially crucial in case of repairs or relocation, when the entire hard disk of the device should not be involved.


  • What are the advantages?

With Partition Master Professional it is not difficult to react intelligently to the existing structures and to find the appropriate answers with just a few clicks. In this way, a structural improvement of the entire hard disk can be achieved in a very short time.


  • Which license is available?

If you want to buy EaseUS Partition Master, you can get a simple license for unlimited use. On the other hand, in order to introduce several users to the program during operation, it is advisable to purchase additional licenses in order to be protected in case of migration of the system or other components.


Partition Recall Protection

If moving or resizing an NTFS partition fails due to hardware failure or power failure, this feature ensures that nothing is broken. In this case, the hard disk is automatically reset to the previous layout. 

Migrate operating system

Replace old hard disk with new one? Clone HDD to SSD? Transfer data from one partition to another? Remove damaged drive? EaseUS Partition Master Professional can help you in these cases as well. The wizard can clone an entire hard drive or individual partitions and transfer them to another. This way you transfer all data from one source and then you can easily edit or swap them. This way your data will always be on the safe side.

Make sure that there is enough space available on the target hard disk. Then you can boot directly from the target hard disk/partition and reorganize, format or remove the old one - all with just one tool.

Convert hard disk/partition

Organize your disk space according to your needs

Primary and logical partitions
Partition into different primary and logical partitions, convert primary to logical, and logical to primary as you want.

MBR and GPT Partitions
Convert MBR to GPT and vice versa to ensure the stability and efficiency of your hard disk.

FAT and NTFS Partition
Convert FAT32/FAT18/FAT12 partition to NTFS easily and quickly.
Dynamic and Basic Volumes
Change dynamic volumes to basic or basic to dynamic without deleting volumes/partitions.
MBR and GPT disks
Change MBR disks and GPT disks easily without deleting partitions.

Format hard disk/partition?

If you want to install a new hard disk, create a new partition, or rebuild a hard disk/partition, you need to format it. This process will check the hard disk for errors and prepare it for use. If there is important data on the volume, back it up first before performing the operation. EaseUS Partition Master will then format your volumes according to your needs.

Manage your hard disk

Easy, fast, safe and according to your needs: enlarge, shrink, create, format, clone, merge, delete, check...

Clonehard disk/partition
Clone your partitions for reorganization or outright the whole hard disk for replacement or upgrade.

Recover lost partitions
Recover deleted or lost partitions.

Merge Partitions
Merge two or more partitions into one larger one without losing data. Or split partitions.

Check partition
Check your partitions for errors and explore what legacy data has accumulated in the file system.

Hide/erase partition
Hide partitions orerase them. This way you gain disk space and can reliably destroy sensitive data.

Change partition name
Change the names and drive letters of your partitions as you like. So you always keep the overview.

More management tools

A wide range of features for your hard disk organization

SSD 4K Alignment
Align your SSD hard drive correctly to get maximum performance. This way, you'll enjoy even more speed.

Clean up and optimize
Remove junk files automatically and large files to free up space and optimize your hard drive's performance.

Supports command line
With command line, professionals can give instructions to their hard drives easily and directly.

Create WinPE Bootable Media
Create a WinPE bootablemedia and rescue your Windows system when it fails to boot.

System requirements

Operating systems

  • Windows 11/10/8/7

Storage devices

  • internal HDD
  • external HDD
  • SSD
  • USB devices
  • Memory card
  • RAID
  • other devices 

File system

  • EXT3
  • EXT2
  • NTFS
  • FAT32
  • FAT18
  • FAT12
  • ReFS

Supported file systems

  • EXT3
  • EXT2
  • NTFS
  • FAT32
  • FAT18
  • FAT12
  • ReFS

Hardware requirements

  • CPU: at least X86 or comparable (500MHz)
  • RAM: at least 512MB
  • Disk space: at least 100MB free space 
What exactly does EaseUS Partition Master Professional offer?
With Partition Master Professional it becomes possible to simplify the management of hard disks or individual partitions. For a targeted organization of the storage, the program is therefore a good choice and allows uncomplicated approaches.
Who is the target group of the programme?
Both private and commercial users can rely on the uncomplicated use of the program. This makes it noticeably easier to turn the division of the hard disk into an organized job and relieve the existing structures.
What is partitioning helpful for?
With the help of partitioning, it is also possible to transfer individual areas of the hard disk and work on secure solutions. This is particularly important for repairs or relocations, when the entire hard disk of the device is not involved.
What advantages are offered?
With Partition Master Professional it is not difficult to react intelligently to the existing structures and find the appropriate answers with just a few clicks. In this way, a structural improvement of the entire hard disk can be ensured within a very short time.
Which license is available?
If you want to buy EaseUS Partition Master, you can get a simple license for the unlimited application from us. However, in order to introduce several users to the program during operation, the purchase of additional licenses is suitable in order to be secured in the event of a migration of the system or other components.
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