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Buhl Data Service - Control software and more

Save taxes with WISO? This is possible thanks to Buhl Data Service: The owner-managed software company based in Neunkirchen in the Siegerland region of Germany is primarily focused on the... learn more »

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Products from BUHL


Buhl Data Service - Control software and more

Save taxes with WISO? This is possible thanks to Buhl Data Service: The owner-managed software company based in Neunkirchen in the Siegerland region of Germany is primarily focused on the development and sale of software for tax returns, the organization of business processes and tax administration. The company's most important software includes the WISO programs.

In cooperation with ZDF and WISO Magazin für Wirtschaft & Verbraucher, a number of programs have been created that have led the company to success. It all started with the WISO tax:savings book in the 1990s - many other useful organization programs for finance and accounting were to follow, offering many functions and advantages to save time and money, both for laymen who want to complete their private income tax return quickly and easily and for professionals such as tax consultants and accountants.

Buhl Data Service was founded in 1984 by Martin Buhl. The company now employs more than 500 people in Germany and Switzerland and has various subsidiaries, which specialize in software development in the area of corporate consolidation and corporate planning, among other things, through to the industrial production of data carriers.

The best known programs of Buhl Data Service are:


WISO tax:Savings book

The WISO Steuer:Sparbuch is a tax software with which users are guided step by step through the tax return. Thanks to automated transfer and the appropriate tax tips, time and money can be saved. The software is updated every year and takes into account legal changes. The data you enter yourself can be automatically transferred for the next tax return.


With the WISO Tax: MAC program, even Apple users do not have to do without the practical automatic tax return. With the current version, you can save time and money on your tax return every year thanks to tax tips, calculators and other extras.

WISO tax:Advisors

The software WISO steuer:Berater is designed for tax consultants. It can be used to conveniently and securely prepare tax returns for an unlimited number of clients and, if required, send them to the tax office by ELSTER batch dispatch. All tax forms are included so that special cases are also covered.

WISO property manager

Operating cost accounts can be prepared to the day using the WISO property management software. Users can benefit from regular updates and are always up to date with their service charge statement.

WISO EÜR and cash desk

Anyone who is self-employed or wants to manage their ancillary income can count on WISO EÜR and Kasse. WISO EÜR and Kasse are a convenient way to create revenue-surplus accounts with all important assets, and to keep clear and easy cash books and logbooks in accordance with the requirements of the tax office.

WISO My money

The software WISO Mein Geld ensures order in the finances, enables secure online banking and facilitates saving through practical overviews. With the program, account overviews from current account to building society account to mortgage account or points account can be viewed at a glance. Expenditure and income can be displayed as an overview or in graphical form. In addition, the software can be used to make transfers via online banking, to call up account statements and to archive them for an unlimited period.

WISO My office 365

WISO My Office 365 can be used, among other things, to create quotes for customers, do the bookkeeping quickly and easily, issue invoices and manage customer contacts simply and clearly. Self-employed people and companies of all sizes can use the popular software to do their office work quickly and efficiently thanks to its intuitive, well-structured usability and easily keep track of all processes.

WISO Wage and salary 365

For payroll accounting, Buhl has developed the program WISO Wage and Salary 365.
This program allows monthly payroll accounting for up to 15 employees per calendar year. Working hours, vacation days and possible absences can be recorded, and bonuses and other benefits can be included.
Thanks to the integrated online banking function, payment instructions can also be carried out directly.

Further offers from Buhl Data Service

In addition, Buhl Data Service offers the software WISO MeinVerein, a program with which the organization of associations can be carried out from membership administration to the association's cash register. Away from the WISO series, the company offers numerous other programs and operates web portals such as with current information and networking opportunities for landlords and landladies or verbraucherblick, a digital magazine with consumer information on a wide range of topics from home office to tips on changing providers for the fixed-line telephone connection or household remedies for colds.

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