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Avast SecureLine VPN

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Buy AVAST SecureLine VPN - anonymous and secure More and more Internet users are buying a VPN.... more

Product information "Avast SecureLine VPN"

Buy AVAST SecureLine VPN - anonymous and secure

More and more Internet users are buying a VPN. But what exactly does a VPN do? VPN is short for "Virtual private Network" and is primarily used to surf the Internet completely anonymously. However, there are other reasons why you should buy a VPN. In addition to the complete anonymity of online activities, the networks also offer protection against hacker attacks in public WLAN networks. AVAST VPN products such as the AVAST SecureLine VPN are ideal for absolute protection and completely anonymous surfing.

Why you should buy AVAST Secureline

But why should you buy an AVAST VPN? The AVAST SecureLine VPN provides a guaranteed encrypted connection between two networks. All files uploaded and downloaded to the Internet are fully protected and cannot be viewed by third parties. The AVAST VPN encrypts the user's IP address and prevents it from being traced. Anyone who places great value on complete anonymity on the net should buy a VPN as a matter of principle. If you also want absolute quality and complete protection, you should buy AVAST Secureline.

How exactly does a VPN work?

So if you want to buy an AVAST SecureLine VP N, you can disguise your IP address and be much safer on the Internet. But how exactly does such a VPN work?

Normally, the user's data is forwarded directly to the Internet service provider. However, if the user uses a VPN, the data is first routed via an external data server. When the data is subsequently forwarded to the Internet, the impression is created that the user's data originates from the external VPN server. In simple terms, this is how a VPN works. This is also the reason why tracing the IP address is so difficult or even impossible in most cases.

Buy AVAST VPN - surf safely in public WLAN networks and enjoy exclusive content

If you use a VPN, you no longer have to worry about your online security in public WLAN networks. In many cases, these are very popular with hackers for gaining unauthorized access to various devices. However, if you use a VPN, you minimize the risk of becoming a victim of a hacker attack and can surf in a public WLAN network without worrying.

The following dangers are prevented by the AVAST VPN:

  • Fake hotspots are detected immediately
  • No chance for packet sniffers
  • No chance for Evil Twins
  • Man-in-the-middle attacks are blocked

Another reason to use a VPN is that you now have access to certain streaming content that is otherwise blocked by Geoblock. For example, this allows you to access content that is normally blocked for that country. No matter where you are in the world, with a VPN you have unlimited access to most content.

The personal IP address is not only used for tracking, but also to block certain services or shopping portals. This block can easily be circumvented with a VPN. For example, with a VPN it is possible to follow certain sporting events live on the Internet, which may be blocked in the respective country.

Which platforms is the AVAST SecureLine VPN suitable for?

Due to Avast's bank-grade encryption method, any connection established via the VPN is guaranteed to remain hidden. Another plus point of the network is its compatibility with many systems. Even Apple, which has very high security standards and often has some incompatibility with similar programs, is fully compatible with the AVAST VPN. All implementations for iOS and macOS are officially approved by Apple and use the IPsec protocol to establish a guaranteed stable and secure connection.

Those wishing to purchase AVAST Secureline can do so with the following platforms:

  • Microsoft
  • MacOS
  • Android
  • iOS


How safe is it to buy AVAST Secureline and what packages does it come in?

Using the AVAST VPN is completely safe and easy. In contrast to alternatives such as the Tor Browser or other proxies, the use of Avast products is significantly safer and more recommendable. However, every user should inform himself beforehand about the respective regulations of his country or the various internet portals. The use of a VPN is not legal everywhere and can result in severe penalties. Every user is responsible for his or her own actions.

If you want to use the Avast VPN, you can first download a 7-day trial version. Otherwise, the VPN is already included in the Ultimate package of Avast. In addition to the secure and functional VPN, the user also receives some important security software.

The package includes, for example, the Avast Premium Security Tool, which offers perfect protection against any malware, and the Cleanup Premium tool, which cleans all systems of unnecessary data junk.

Buy AVAST SecureLine VPN at Blitzhandel24

Those interested in buying the AVAST SecureLine VPN can purchase the software as well as Avast's lavishly featured Ultimate package on Blitzhandel24. All purchases are one hundred percent verified and the processing is also fast and uncomplicated. In case of any issues, customers can immediately contact the customer service team who will take care of all the problems as soon as possible. After the purchase, the customers receive the product immediately after receipt of payment on the digital way and not cumbersome by mail as a CD/DVD.

Properties: "Avast SecureLine VPN"
Operating System:
Included Applications:
Multi Device
Wi-Fi security
Can I change the devices activated through my Avast Ultimate (multiple device) subscription?
No. An Avast Ultimate subscription can only be used on one PC, even if you do not install and activate all available products there. If you want to use your subscription on more than one device, we recommend that you purchase an Avast Ultimate (multiple device) subscription, which can be installed on up to 10 devices simultaneously and can also be used on multiple platforms.
What is the difference between Avast Ultimate (multiple devices) and Avast Ultimate?
Both subscription types offer a comprehensive suite of tools for protecting your privacy, optimizing device performance and security, and include the following products: Avast Premium Security Avast Cleanup Avast Secureline VPN Avast PasswordsThe number of devices and platforms you can activate depends on the subscription you have selected. Avast Ultimate (multiple devices) allows you to activate up to 10 devices simultaneously and use your subscription on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. Avast Ultimate allows you to activate your subscription on 1 Windows PC.
How and when do I get my purchased product?
Digital products, product keys and access to the download centre will be made available to you by e-mail immediately after your purchase.
What payment options are available to me?
PayPal, Amazon Pay, Instant bank transfer, Credit card, Apple Pay, Prepayment, Purchase on invoice
What guarantees do I have at Blitzhandel24?
Blitzhandel24 is an EHI, TrustedShops and CHIP certified online brand shop. Blitzhandel24 also offers its customers permanent support, as well as support for the purchased product. If a product has not been used / redeemed, our customers can benefit from the money-back guarantee.
Properties: "Avast SecureLine VPN"
Operating System:
Included Applications:
Multi Device
Wi-Fi security
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Our pricing is based on a variety of factors, encompassing a combination of proven software trading strategies:

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Security and Quality: Our Promise to You

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We guarantee our customers top-notch quality at the best price. All products at Blitzhandel24 are tested and verified.
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Our online shop is legally secured by the EHI seal of approval, allowing you to shop with confidence.


If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help!

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