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Avanquest Architect 3D 20 Platinum Windows
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Architekt 3D 21 Platinum Architekt 3D 21 Platinum
Create and design your dream home down to the last detail! Design your dream home like a true professional! Design, renovate and decorate your interior and exterior Benefit from nexGen technology: create your home in 59 seconds...
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Avanquest Architect 3D 20 Platinum For house, outdoor area, garden, green area,... more

Product information "Avanquest Architect 3D 20 Platinum Windows"

Avanquest Architect 3D 20 Platinum

  • For house, outdoor area, garden, green area, allotment garden
  • Design in 3D - simple and photorealistic
  • Including quick start guide
  • Large library with furnishings
  • Additional object library for sound system, home cinema and building control
  • NEW!2D Engine - High performance and high quality calculation of 2D geometry and text

    No matter whether you are building a new home, converting, renovating or furnishing - Architect 3D 20 is a professional planning tool with which you can easily plan, design and present your new home in detail.

    Thanks to numerous PowerTools and the powerful NexGen engine, this software allows you to create your own dream house in 3D in no time at all - from the foundations to the roof covering!

    Really everything, from doors and windows to sanitary and electrical installations and kitchen cupboards, the shape of the profile strips for floors or ceilings can be individually adapted. Create your own furnishings as three-dimensional objects or import them from photographs. Use this extensive program and plan your garden, your terrace or the entrance to your property.

    In combination with the topography designer and the possibility to insert photographed plants, you can design the exterior of your property in detail yourself. You can view the plans you have made in 3D view at any time with a click.

    Take advantage of Realmodell, which allows you to print out your construction plans for true-to-scale models. With the integrated calculator you always have the costs for your demanding planning under control. Let your creativity run wild and design your home according to your personal wishes.



    Up to 12 floors high


    Draw up garden plans according to theTopography of your property. DesignSwimming pool and veranda afterown wishes.


    Topography, aerial photo, 3D section, 3D view,Rough structure or technical plans of the house.


    Add furniture to your rooms, selectfrom 4,000 objects in the library and showthe result directly in 3D.



    Design the entire house with garden including foundations, rooms, wall openings, furniture, plumbing, electrical components and more.


    Architect 3D is compatible with most popular 3D formats like DXF, .DWG, Sketchup, .3DS ...


    Tutorial videos provide step-by-step support, sample plans facilitate the design and the cost calculator helps with financial planning. You can access further help at any time.


    With Architekt 3D you can customize 3D objects such as doors, windows, fireplaces or swimming pools. Use the 3D user workshop for this purpose.

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    Help, training and various tools
    Tutorials and tips and tricks oui oui
    Online Training Center and ToolTip pop-up window oui oui
    Color customization of the user interface oui oui
    Schnellstart™ Wizard: Add rooms using drag and drop oui oui
    Support for multiple screens oui oui
    Directly usable example plans oui oui
    home design
    Material Editor oui oui
    Foundation planner oui oui
    User defined room extension with 1 click oui oui
    Partition walls and openings: Walls, ceilings, doors, windows, cut-outs, mezzanines, stairs, cupboards, glass roofs oui oui
    Foundation planner - Elektor planner - Climate planner oui oui
    Tools for automatic and custom roofs - Automatic gable tool - Dormer tool oui oui
    Framework oui oui
    Metric and imperial units of measurement oui oui
    Template image for floor plan oui oui
    Calculator with room cost calculation oui oui
    Curved walls oui oui
    Extended floor management 12 20
    2D symbol library for designs oui oui
    Window Designer - Door Designer oui oui
    Ceiling Designer oui oui
    Symbol Editor oui oui
    Interior Design
    More than 4670 3D furnishings oui oui
    More than 7640 materials oui oui
    Drag and drop in 3D oui oui
    Wall profile strips oui oui
    Column tool oui oui
    Editing and adaptation of library objects oui oui
    PhotoView oui oui
    3D user workshop oui oui
    Accessories/window design oui oui
    Quick palette for applying a scheme with 1 click oui oui
    Decorator Pallet oui oui
    Fireplace assistant - Fireplace Designer oui oui
    Moulding Designer oui oui
    Tools for security system oui oui
    PhotoView Editor oui oui
    Tools for intelligent home control - oui
    Home Cinema - oui
    Landscape Design
    Topography Tools oui oui
    Terrace Layout Tools oui oui
    More than 4000 plants oui oui
    Outdoor decoration (furniture, objects) oui oui
    IntelliDeck Tools oui oui
    Garden kitchen and custom cabinets oui oui
    Fence Designer oui oui
    Landscape and terrace groups oui oui
    Pool designer oui oui
    Location planner (coordinates of the property boundary) oui oui
    Display and 3D calculation
    Direct 3D views oui oui
    Split 2D and 3D views on separate screens oui oui
    Import of backgrounds oui oui
    real model oui oui
    3D cut-out tool oui oui
    3D quick view calculation and wireframe oui oui
    Altitude Editor oui oui
    Cutout display oui oui
    Room view from the air (3D) oui oui
    Save 3D views for quick access oui oui
    Global solar position oui oui
    3D Effects oui oui
    Create and save virtual tours oui oui
    Import SketchUp models oui oui
    Import .3ds files (3ds Max) oui oui
    Export as image file oui oui
    Export as .DXF/.DWG file oui oui
    Export as .VRML (3D) file oui oui
    Import DXF/DWG files (floor plans only) oui oui
    System requirements
    Version 20
    Operating system Windows 7, Windows 7 32-bit, Windows 8, Windows 10
    • 1 Ghz Intel® Pentium® processor or equivalent
    • 512 MB RAM Working memory
    • PCI or AGP 3D graphics card (min. 512 MB RAM)
    • 5.5 GB hard disk space
    • DVD-ROM drive

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