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Autodesk AutoCAD 2025

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AutoCAD 2025: The key to innovative design Have you ever wondered what is behind the... more

Product information "Autodesk AutoCAD 2025"

AutoCAD 2025: The key to innovative design

Have you ever wondered what is behind the impressive designs of modern buildings, machines and devices? The answer is often a powerful piece of software called AutoCAD. Autodesk, the manufacturer behind this groundbreaking tool, has ushered in a new era in digital design with AutoCAD 2025. This article dives deep into the world of AutoCAD 2025 and shows why it is more than just a drawing program.

What makes AutoCAD 2025 so special?

Buying Auto CAD 2025 is not just a purchase, it's an investment in precision, efficiency and innovation. But what sets AutoCAD 2025 apart from its predecessors? Here are a few points:

  • Improved user interface: AutoCAD 2025 comes with a revamped UI that is not only easier on the eyes, but also easier to navigate and use.
  • Enhanced features: With new tools and improved features, users can create complex projects faster and more accurately than ever before.
  • Real-time collaboration: Thanks to cloud integration, teams around the world can work on projects and share information in real time.

The advantages of AutoCAD 2025 at a glance

  • Precision: With AutoCAD 2025, even the most complex designs can be created with unrivaled accuracy.
  • Efficiency: Automation and simplified processes save you valuable time.
  • Flexibility: Whether architecture, engineering or animation - AutoCAD 2025 is versatile.

Buy AutoCAD 2025: A guide

Thinking about buying AutoCAD 2025? Here are some tips:

  1. Check the system requirements: Make sure your computer meets the requirements of AutoCAD 2025.
  2. Choose the right license: AutoCAD 2025 offers different license options. Choose the one that best suits your needs.
  3. Use the trial version: Before you buy, test AutoCAD 2025 to make sure it meets your expectations.


AutoCAD 2025 in use: A look at the areas of application

  • Architecture: From floor plans to 3D modeling, AutoCAD 2025 helps architects bring their visions to life.
  • Engineering: For engineers, precision is key. AutoCAD 2025 provides the tools they need to develop innovative solutions.
  • Design: Designers of all kinds use AutoCAD 2025 to produce creative and detailed designs.

Buying Auto CAD 2025 means choosing a future where the boundaries of design are pushed. It's not just a tool, but a partner to guide you through every phase of your project. With AutoCAD 2025, there are no limits to your creativity. Are you ready for the next step in your design career?

The most important functions of AutoCAD 2025

Discover the latest highlights in Autodesk AutoCAD 2025, including industry-specific toolsets, new automation features and in-depth insights.

  • AutoLISP: Streamline your workflow by creating and running AutoLISP with the Visual LISP IDE.
  • Smart Blocks: Automate the placement of blocks based on previous placements or replace existing blocks quickly and easily.
  • Autodesk Assistant: Take advantage of interactive AI for quick access to helpful, AI-generated support and solutions for AutoCAD.
  • My Insights: Speed up your projects with useful features, macros and customized tips.
  • Activity Insights: Get detailed logs of multi-User(s) events and version histories to track and access important design data.
  • Markup Import and Markup Wizard: Consolidate revisions and feedback captured on paper or in PDF to compare, review and automate updates.
  • Move to Autodesk Docs: Publish your CAD plans as PDF files directly from AutoCAD to Autodesk Docs.
  • AutoCAD anytime, anywhere: Capture, share and review ideas on the go with a unified AutoCAD user interface on desktop, web and mobile devices.
  • Tape: Review DWG files and add feedback directly without changing the existing drawing.
  • Specialized toolsets: Access thousands of parts and additional functionality with industry-specific tools.
  • Autodesk App Store and APIs: Customize AutoCAD with APIs to create custom automations and access more than 1,000 third-party apps.
  • Design in 2D and 3D: Design with 2D drawing tools and model in 3D with realistic lighting and materials to render your ideas.
System requirements for AutoCAD including specialized toolsets (Windows)
Operating system 64-bit version of Microsoft® Windows ® 11 or Windows  10, version 1809 or higher. For more support information, see the product support lifecycle from Autodesk.
Processor Minimum requirement: ARM processors with 2.5-2.9 GHz (base) are not supported.
Recommended: Processor with at least 3 GHz (base), processor with at least 4 GHz (turbo)
Working memory Minimum requirement: 8 GB
Recommended: 16 GB or more
Screen resolution Conventional screens:
1920 x 1080 with True Color

High-resolution and 4K screens:
Resolutions of up to 3,840 x 2,160 (with suitable graphics card)
Graphics card

Minimum requirement: 1 GB GPU with 29 GB/s bandwidth and DirectX 11 compatibility
Recommended: 4 GB GPU with 106 GB/s bandwidth and DirectX 12 compatibility

DirectX 12 with feature level 12_0 is required for the visual styles "Shaded (Fast)" and "Shaded with Edges (Fast)". Use the latest graphics card drivers from the manufacturer's website.

Hard disk space 10 GB (SSD recommended)
Network For more information, see Autodesk Network License Manager for Windows.
Pointing device Compatible with MS-Mouse
.NET Framework .NET Framework version 4.8 or higher


System requirements for AutoCAD for Mac
Operating System Apple macOS® Sonoma v14 (requires Update 2025.1)
Apple macOS Ventura v13
Apple macOS Monterey v12
Model Base: Apple Mac Pro® 4.1; MacBook Pro® 5.1; iMac® 8.1; Mac mini® 3.1; MacBook Air®; MacBook® 5.1

Recommended: Apple Mac® models that support the Metal graphics engine
Apple Mac models with M-series chip are supported in Rosetta 2 mode.
CPU type 64-bit Intel CPU
Apple M-series CPU
Memory Base: 4 GB
Recommended: 8 GB or more
Screen resolution Basic: 1280 x 800 display
High resolution: 2880 x 1800 with Retina display
Hard disk space 5 GB free hard disk space for download and installation
Pointing device Apple-compatible mouse, Apple-compatible trackpad, Microsoft-compatible mouse
Graphics card Recommended: Mac's own installed graphics cards
Hard disk format APFS, APFS (encrypted), Mac OS Extended (journaled), Mac OS Extended (journaled, encrypted)


Additional requirements for large datasets, point clouds and 3D modeling
RAM 16 GB RAM or more ³
Hard disk space 6 GB free hard disk space in addition to the installation requirements
Graphics card True Color graphics card with a resolution of at least 3840 x 2160 (4K), at least 8 GB VRAM, Pixel Shader 3.0 or higher, DirectX-capable graphics card for workstations

Industry-specific toolsets (Windows only)

ToolsetAdditional requirements
AutoCAD Map 3D Hard disk space: 20 GB
Memory: 16 GB
Database and FDO requirements (see below)
AutoCAD Electrical Hard disk space: 20 GB
Microsoft Access Database Engine 2016 Redistributable (x64) (16.0.5044.1000) or higher
AutoCAD Architecture Hard disk space: 20 GB
Memory: 16 GB
AutoCAD MEP Hard disk space: 21 GB
Working memory: 16 GB
AutoCAD Plant 3D Hard disk space: 12 GB
Memory (recommended for 3D modeling): 32 GB
AutoCAD Mechanical Hard disk space: 12 GB
AutoCAD Raster Design Hard disk space: 1 GB

Additional requirements for AutoCAD Map 3D (Windows only)

FDO provider requirements
FDO ProviderCertified withNotes
Microsoft SQL Server Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Standard and Enterprise Editions;
Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Standard and Enterprise Editions;
Trays also support the versions of Microsoft SQL listed on the left Server.
Oracle 12c Release 2 Oracle
Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition
Expert shells support the same Oracle versions as listed on the left.
Oracle 18c Oracle 18.3
Enterprise Edition and Standard Edition 2
The same Oracle versions are supported as listed on the left.
Oracle 19c Oracle 19.3
Enterprise Edition and Standard Edition 2
The same Oracle versions are supported as listed on the left.
Oracle 21c Oracle 21.3
Enterprise Edition and Standard Edition 2
Tray shells support the same Oracle versions as listed on the left.
Autodesk SDF 3.0  
ESRI ArcGIS ArcGIS® 10.8.1
ArcGIS 10.7.1
ArcGIS 10.6.1
This provider requires licensed ESRI components (ArcGIS Engine/ArcGIS Desktop), which must be installed on the Map 3D system.
MySQL 8.0  
ODBC The FDO ODBC provider has been tested with corresponding versions of ODBC drivers that are included in the scope of delivery of the corresponding supported operating system versions.  
OGC WMS WMS 1.3.0  
OGC WFS WFS 2.0.0  
SQLite SQLite 3.27.2  
PostgresSQL PostgreSQL 13.5 + PostGIS 3.0  


ODBC driverTested versions
Microsoft ® Access ® (*.mdb, *.accdb) Microsoft Access Database Engine 2016 (English) 16.00.4999.1000
Microsoft® Excel® driver (*.xls, *xlsx, *.xlsm, *.xlsb) Microsoft Access Database Engine 2016 (English) 16.00.4999.1000
MySQL® ODBC 8.0 driver
SQL Server ® 10.00.19041.01
Oracle® in OraClient21Home1
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