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Audials One 2020, Download

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Product information "Audials One 2020, Download"

Audials One 2020


If you want to access millions of songs and music tracks within a very short time, you can be sure of a good application with just a few clicks. With Audials One 2020, every user has an unlimited package to benefit from a functional application. This makes the application a good choice to ensure a clear selection of the desired components and to have access to a far-reaching solution at any time.


Always the latest music on any device

One of the biggest advantages is the constant updating of existing content. Thus, users have access to an ever-growing library of content to ensure extensive entertainment in the long term. In contrast to monthly offers, Audials One 2020 offers a convincing structure and a much wider selection for every musical taste.


A good example of the continuous updating is the automatic delivery of music charts, which provides great ideas for your own music production. Users can expect an extensive collection of the most diverse pieces of music and details, which can then be downloaded quickly and without much effort. This makes it possible to independently record on the basis of the pieces and use the available impulses.


The main advantages of the programme

  • Inspiration for own music pieces
  • Extensive database of musical pieces
  • Modern recorder function for music and film
  • Uncomplicated recording of content
  • Easy conversion into various formats
  • Diverse music and film media library


The perfect recorder for music and movies

If you want to buy Audials One 2020 yourself, the program provides a good structure for your own recording design. In this way, different recording schedules can be designed to provide a clear and functioning encryption. On this basis, Audials One 2020 offers the possibility of recording various types of streams and recording them easily.




In connection with the integrated converter, many other problems can be solved, for example, when it comes to the production of various file formats. In this way, maximum quality is offered for your own conversion without having to wait long for the conversion of music, audio books or films.


Buy Audials 2020 now and benefit from unlimited variety

Buying Audials One is therefore a good choice for expanding your own music collection. So it is not difficult to keep the music list and your video playlist in a simple and clear order. At the same time, the new version of Audials One 2020 offers a significant improvement in existing music processes, so nothing stands in the way of effective inspiration. Anyone who wants to buy Audials One can choose from numerous functions for the targeted recording of the desired music and films on this basis.


Record music streaming & audiobooks perfectly via streaming!

Audials can play the music streaming from Spotify and record it without any loss of quality! With no commercials and perfectly controlled volume, Audials One automatically records music streaming and saves the recorded music in top quality and with all ID3 tags on your hard drive, directly in the cloud or on your smartphone in the most important audio file formats.



UNIVERSAL CONVERTER - Solves all problems with file formats of music, audio books, videos and movies.

Audials One is your universal converter for all file formats

Audials is a universal converter for all audio and video file formats for PC, smartphone, tablet, netbook, notebook, ultrabook, game console and other devices. Music, audio books, videos and movies are converted quickly and in the highest quality to any file format.

Convert audio books lasting several hours in a few minutes!

With Audials One you can convert audio books with and without chapters to MP3 files for all devices. For this purpose, Audials One gives audio book libraries, such as Apple iTunes, a virtual CD-ROM drive. Audials then virtually burns the audio book to MP3 files in the highest quality.

Archive DVD movies and play them on devices without a DVD drive

The lifespan of purchased film DVDs is often limited, even when used carefully and stored properly. With the DVD copier from Audials One, you can protect yourself against loss! Unprotected DVDs are copied in no time. With the legal resume function of Audials, protected DVDs can also be copied.



MEDIATHEK - Manage entertainment on PC, smartphone, tablet and cloud

Audials One enhances your music collection

Audials automatically completes your media collection with ID3 tags, cover images and lyrics as part of the recording process. However, imported music pieces can also be automatically adapted by Audials to the standard of your music collection by completing missing tags. This can be achieved with a small number of music pieces to be imported as well as with a huge music collection filling a hard disk.

You want to re-sort thousands of music files? No problem for Audials!

Audials offers a very convenient way of rebuilding large music collections according to individual criteria. Collected changes for all music tracks of an album, artist or genre can be made with a right click of your mouse in a flash. You can have Audials rearrange your music collection according to 22 predefined and even your own rules. Audials does the job for you with 10, 100, 1,000 or even more files!

Music universe to roam your music collection

The Audials music universe shows you similar artists and bands for each musician with a photo. So you can easily and conveniently browse your music collection in search of similar music. Similarities in musical styles between the artists are represented by lines of relationship of varying thickness. You can determine the representation of the musical universe by strong similarity, balanced mix or familiarity. Audials thus helps you find the best artists to match a mood when compiling a playlist.

Your video library - well organized!

Instead of just using title or label, you can browse your video collection with thumbnails and select and play the content you want. Three modes allow you to define the display according to your individual requirements as a multi-column table, list or just with thumbnails.

Refueling of mobile devices and cloud storage

Audials refuels your smartphone or tablet directly via USB cable on the PC or via the Internet from the cloud. With a left/right view, Audials shows you the music collection of your PC and the destination folder of your connected device. The most important clouds are preconfigured and can also be refuelled like a device.

Audials turns your PC into a personal media cloud

Share your music, videos and movies on all your computers and on the go with the Android smartphone. Just leave your PC running and with Audials Anywhere you can access, browse, play and download your media from anywhere, anytime with any device.

Audials turns your PC into a jukebox

With the Playlist Generator you can easily create playlists automatically. Simply enter the genre or artist and Audials creates a new playlist with matching music. Of course, you can also manually add songs from your music collection to a playlist using drag and drop.

Enjoy your media with Audials One

You can enjoy radios, music, videos, podcasts and films directly in Audials with the integrated player, disconnected in a separate main window or in full-screen mode.



Audials Home - the dashboard!

Audials Home welcomes you every week with Audials entertainment services and other useful functions. As part of the dashboard and as a central component of Audials, the new Audials now features a central search function for finding: Musicians, songs from your music collection or even from YouTube, radios, podcasts & music TV, movies, series and videos from your video library.

Audials Music Zoom is a completely new way to discover music

The novel artificial intelligence of Audials Music Zoom has placed almost all musicians of all times on an almost infinite star chart according to musical genres. Zoom in with 3D feeling and explore the music universe! So you can play the complete music tracks for a selected musician directly with one click and even better compared to freeware: RECORDING!

Thousands of podcasts for versatile entertainment

Audials delivers further free entertainment with the integrated podcatcher. With the self-updating podcast database you have the possibility to subscribe to, download & enjoy 350,000 podcasts as audio or video broadcasts from the best podcasters in the world for free!

Many music TV stations via video streaming

Let the Audials Player run alongside as a detached window while you use other programs. Audials entertains you in its own player around the clock - even with the best music TV channels.

Television & media libraries

Exclusively for our German-speaking users, all contents of the media libraries as well as live streams of all major TV stations with their feature films, TV series, documentaries and sporting events are available in Audials. Audials presents you with all broadcasts of the television stations clearly arranged by channel, category or date. With the search function you can quickly find your favourite programme or all programmes on a particular topic by keyword. With Audials, you can record the programmes and save them in any desired file format.

What is NEW & BETTER?

NEW!Music & Radio

  • Import, explore, export playlists from YouTube & Spotify

  • Get the best sound quality (e.g. "Master" from Tidal in 96kHz/24bit) without loss

  • Enjoy charts from all websites directly via link in Audials

NEW!Video & TV

  • Stream recordings in unparalleled quality through support of modern graphics cards

  • Subtitles can also be recorded if desired

  • Recording of certain streaming services is only possible with Audials in Full HD (1080p)

NEW!Apps & more

  • Get the power features of the Audials App exclusively!

  • Customization of the user interface and optimal placement of functions in Audials One


Interesting facts about the program


  • What exactly can Audials One 2020?

Audials One 2020 offers a versatile application for optimizing your own functions. By using the program, it is possible to record all conceivable contents and subsequently ensure an orderly playback.


  • Who is the target group of the programme?

Audials One 2020 is a good choice for both music producers and private friends of good entertainment. Due to the numerous advantages and functions it is not difficult to keep track of the individual pieces of music, films and pages and to collect new impulses.


  • Which areas are covered by the application?

Anyone who wants to buy Audials One receives professional software for the use of music, films, broadcasts, radio stations and many other formats. This makes it noticeably easier to put together the desired playlist and convert each file.


  • What makes Audials One 2020 so good?

By using the program, it is not difficult to ensure safe use of the numerous pieces. In this way, streaming can be brought to a completely new level without suffering from the many difficulties in application.


  • What does the available license offer?

The current version of Audials One 2020 offers a fully-fledged and extremely modern structure. The associated license is permanently valid and allows for continuous extensions throughout the Year.

System requirements
Version 2020
Size 1.45 Mon
Operating system Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Intel™ Pentium™ Processor or equivalent

  • 1 GHz CPU

  • 512 MB RAM

  • 400 MB free hard disk space

  • DSL Internet access

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Security and Quality: Our Promise to You

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