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Audials Music 2023

Audials Music 2023

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Audials Music : Your music online, ready to download ! 1. Streaming allows you to record... more

Product information "Audials Music 2023"

Audials Music : Your music online, ready to download !

1. Streaming allows you to record music from websites and paid services
Audials Recorder can download music from websites and paid services. So you can make recordings in MP3 format and listen to them in your media library.

2. Convert to the desired format in no time with the universal converter
Audials Universal Converter cleverly takes care of all formatting issues for music and audiobook files. The universal converter gives you the files in the right format so you can enjoy them on all your media: PC, smartphone and tablet.

3. The media library manages recordings on all your devices and in the cloud
Audials offers you several ways to create your own music collection. You get a variety of media management features for your PC and you can send your files to the cloud to connect them directly to your tablets/smartphones. 


Record music

Get the most out of your music stream with Audials Music
Save streams from music platforms as MP3, WMA or AAC files. 

Record music streams at high speed
Play Spotify™ music stream at double speed and record without losing quality! Commercial-free, at optimal volume, in best possible quality and with all ID3 tags.

Automatically detect - and automatically remove - advertisements
Audials Music meets the challenge of reliably removing advertising from music services during recording. 

Maintain perfect audio quality
With PerfectAudio you avoid audio quality degradation during conversion. Audials records the audio file several times during conversion. The new recording is compared with the original until the result is optimal. A total of 40 audio file formats are available.

Music management

An expanded music universe
The Audials music universe displays similar artists and bands with a picture for each musician. So you can easily expand your music collection by searching for similar music.

Sort thousands of music files
Create music collections according to individual criteria. Reorder playlists, folders, and file names in your music collection with one click. 

Better control over tags
More options for album tags before recording. If you set Audials to search for tags, it will automatically find them and record them for you for that song. 

Improved support for Tidal
Music from Tidal is now additionally displayed under Sources in the Load Music section. You can now drag and drop Tidal just as easily as Spotify, Soundcloud, etc.

More user-friendly duplicate management
Manage and customize your duplicates with the help of numerous options, such as search, prioritize, or delete.

All media files
Transfer audio files to another PC, smartphone, or tablet.
In addition to recording, playback and editing, Audials Music can also sort media, transfer them to other PCs or make them available there.

What's new in Audials 2023?


High-precision audio editing
Edit music even more efficiently! The brand new editor displays your tracks in full length.
Edit your tracks at the beginning and end with microsecond precision and add fade-ins and fade-outs. Adjust the volume as well.
Flip through multiple recordings effortlessly. Putting the finishing touches on your gems has never been easier!

New tag editor for music files 
The new Tag Editor lets you edit your music file information more effortlessly than ever before. It even makes suggestions to you and adds all tags with one click.
Automatically find missing tags, play your tracks while editing, or go straight to the next song. Bulk edit lets you re-tag multiple songs at once.

Export individual sequences 
Save individual audio files of entire concerts, or capture fun snippets and sounds by exporting just parts of songs, podcasts, or audiobooks.
You can select any part of a song down to the millisecond, and even apply a crossfade to the exported part.


Perfect, lossless recording quality 
The recording function has been redesigned with one clear goal in mind: Your recorded tracks must always be identical to the originals, perfectly trimmed and without differences.
Thanks to numerous improvements, Audials 2023 creates music files of the highest quality.

Record streaming music more easily 
The new user interface makes recording your favorite music even easier. 
Simply select the music streaming service you want, choose the optimal settings and enjoy perfect recordings.

Perfect album tags 
For most recording methods, Audials automatically fills in the original album tags for you. In rare cases where that's not possible, you can now enter the name and year of the album and the tracks will be numbered automatically.

Don't have the app installed?
Use the website recording feature!
Recording directly from the streaming providers' websites, as an alternative to recording directly from the streaming apps, has been revamped and is extremely reliable.
You can make use of it when recording via the app is temporarily unavailable. Perfect recording results are always guaranteed!

Download music from Deezer 
Via Music -> Download, you can not only record music from Spotify, Amazon Music, Tidal and many other sources, but also from Deezer.
Brand new: drag and drop songs, albums and entire playlists from Deezer into Audials to download music quickly and, of course, always perfectly tagged.


Mega performance thanks to 64 bits
More data processing in every step of the processor (CPU) ensures more performance. Does your computer have 8 or 16 GB of RAM? The latest version of Audials is the only one that uses all the RAM, making it much more efficient!

Faster and easier to use
The interface has been redesigned around your content.
You choose whether you want to play videos, music, radio or podcasts.
Audials displays all your own files, online content and recording tools. Thanks to the new and simplified settings, recordings always turn out perfectly and in no time.
For each file, you switch to the new editor with just one click and have all the powerful and clear editing options at your fingertips.

System requirements

  • Windows 10 or Windows 11 - 64 bit
  • 1.5 GHz CPU
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 1 GB hard drive space for installation
  • Can also be used on Mac with Parallels


How and when do I get my purchased product?
Digital products, product keys and access to the download centre will be made available to you by e-mail immediately after your purchase.
What payment options are available to me?
PayPal, Amazon Pay, Instant bank transfer, Credit card, Apple Pay, Prepayment, Purchase on invoice
What guarantees do I have at Blitzhandel24?
Blitzhandel24 is an EHI, TrustedShops and CHIP certified online brand shop. Blitzhandel24 also offers its customers permanent support, as well as support for the purchased product. If a product has not been used / redeemed, our customers can benefit from the money-back guarantee.
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What Factors Influence Our Pricing?

Our pricing is based on a variety of factors, encompassing a combination of proven software trading strategies:

  • Procurement Strategies
    Through bulk procurement, our 14 years of market experience in the international context, and expertise in software trading, we achieve cost savings and efficient procurement methods.
  • Elimination of Delivery and Storage Fees
    Efficient digital inventory management minimizes storage and logistics costs.
  • Supplier Relationship Management
    Direct import and long-term relationships with manufacturers and distributors allow us to forgo intermediary fees and offer exclusive special conditions.
  • Regional Pricing
    We adjust our prices based on region and currency to account for global market conditions.
  • Automation
    Utilizing modern technologies enables efficient order and customer inquiry management, reducing costs.
  • Cost Management in Marketing
    The main advertising strategy focuses on customer satisfaction and relies mainly on recommendations.
  • Low Profit Margin
    Our main focus at Blitzhandel24 is customer satisfaction and expanding our customer base, maintaining a lean profit margin.


Security and Quality: Our Promise to You

Quality Comes First

Despite our competitive pricing, the quality of our products remains at the highest level.

We guarantee our customers top-notch quality at the best price. All products at Blitzhandel24 are tested and verified.
Safety and Trust

Your safety is important to us. Therefore, we offer coverage of up to €20,000 through Trusted Shops.

Our online shop is legally secured by the EHI seal of approval, allowing you to shop with confidence.


If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help!

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