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Ashampoo Video Optimizer Pro 2

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Easily improve image quality, trim and stabilize videos! Video editing is often frustrating... more

Product information "Ashampoo Video Optimizer Pro 2"

Easily improve image quality, trim and stabilize videos!

Video editing is often frustrating legwork - or you can use Ashampoo® Video Optimizer Pro 2! This powerful software can automatically enhance your videos and bring out the best in your footage, even in batches! Easily stabilize shaky video, optimize contrast and color, or sharpen footage after the fact. Even remove digital noise in difficult lighting conditions or image flicker with ease. Create slow motion or fast motion for stunning results, or easily correct lens distortion. Add text or images to annotate scenes. Or use the nifty presets, where as many as 20 combinations of filters, effects, and color values can add sparkle to your videos. The easy-to-use editing area lets you trim, rotate, or merge multiple clips with ease!


Quick or Advanced - two views of Video Optimizer

Ashampoo® Video Optimizer Pro 2 is as versatile as its users' needs. The Quick mode is ideal for quickly processing several movies at once. With just a few clicks, optimizations such as stabilization, sharpening, image noise and many others can be selected before the movie is recreated. Improve your videos in no time and use intelligent automatic functions! Advanced mode is for the creative, perfectionists and those who like to be in control. Here you have room for development, detail work and see everything in elaborate, large-format preview images. There you can also resize or export only certain sections and use them to trim the movie.

20 brilliant presets for new worlds of color

Presets give you more than just color filters. Our team has created complete profiles that include values like exposure, tonality, saturation, vignette, and more. Where you would otherwise have to do it yourself and maybe spend hours looking for the right settings, you can now relax and try out the presets until you make your choice. Should it be more Scandinavian cold or do you prefer red tones that bathe your video in a warm light? You'll be amazed at how much the mood of the image can change! And of course, you can make changes yourself and save these values and settings for later use.

Ashampoo® Video Optimizer Pro 2 -

Improve contrast and colors to make pictures shine

Ashampoo® Video Optimizer Pro 2 can improve video quality by optimally adjusting contrast and color. After just a few clicks, recordings look more vivid and realistic. The white balance makes videos appear warmer or colder and thus sets atmospheric accents. Especially the often cold look of digital cameras can be compensated in this way. Of course, you can do it yourself and conveniently adjust all the important values until you are happy with the results. Even old photographs gain considerably in this way. Selective editing of brightness, tint, shadows and highlights is then the finishing touch for the perfect picture. Rescue even mediocre video footage and give it a second chance!

Automatically stabilize videos to remove camera shake

A lot of footage shot with a mobile phone, DSLR camera or action cam is unattractively shaky. You'd love to be able to undo this on your home screen! With Ashampoo® Video Optimizer Pro 2, you'll experience video stabilization that gives you a much smoother camera experience. Even videos shot in motion freehand or while running get a realistic, clear camera image. Improve your videos after the fact and put an end to shaky videos!

Ashampoo® Video Optimizer Pro 2 -

Eliminate blur, noise and flicker

The darker a shot is, the more annoying digital noise is. In particularly difficult exposure conditions, this is often accompanied by annoying image flickering. Often the image lacks the necessary sharpness because it has too few contours for a secure focus. Ashampoo® Video Optimizer Pro 2 automatically detects these problems, optimally sharpens the video and calculates a clear, steady image. Even dark and blurry videos thus become respectable recordings.

Trim, rotate and resize videos

With Ashampoo® Video Optimizer Pro 2 you can not only improve the quality, but also trim your videos. With the new detail view, you can work very precisely here. Select any section of the video and export only the highlights. Or merge multiple photos and videos into a single clip! Simply rotate and tilt your videos by 90 / 180 / 270 degrees or by any angle. Crooked horizons are a thing of the past! Use only a certain image section or simply change the image size as needed!

Ashampoo® Video Optimizer Pro 2 -

Add fascinating slow-motion or time-lapse effects

To achieve special effects, you can also run videos or just parts of them at a different speed. Slow motion allows you to see the detail and magic of the moment. To show long-term developments or to speed up rather boring passages without editing, the time-lapse is suitable. Our tip: In combination with tilt-shift you get a truly magical effect, try it out! Slow motion and fast motion are easy to achieve with Ashampoo® Video Optimizer Pro 2 and give your videos a whole new dynamic!

Image rectification instead of lens distortion and fisheye distortion

Many cameras do not deliver a truly realistic image, and this is often even intentional. Action cameras in particular usually offer wide-angle lenses that should capture the whole action. But their optics get tired all too quickly when you watch them on your computer or TV! Ashampoo® Video Optimizer Pro 2 removes these distortions for a beautiful, natural picture. The program includes a number of built-in profiles that are tailor-made for the most popular camera types. In addition, this software allows you to easily create additional lens profiles for your own camera.

Ashampoo® Video Optimizer Pro 2 -

Add text and effects

Videos often get their individual touch by adding comments or special effects. Ashampoo® Video Optimizer Pro 2 allows you to easily add text and fade in comments or explanations. Or you can use impressive effects such as atmospheric color filters or the tilt-shift filter. Here, selective blurring creates a special look in which real landscape shots look like miniatures. The new Round Corners filter gives your videos a softer, more personable touch. All steps can be done in a snap with just a few clicks or handy sliders!

Numerous formats, metadata and speed included

Ashampoo® Video Optimizer Pro 2 also adds metadata such as author, copyright, title and commentary to your recordings. The program supports all common formats and codecs in all resolutions (including HD, 2K, 2.7K, 4K) and can also handle H.265, as used by GoPro! To save you time and effort, this feature, like many others, can also run through the built-in batch processing. Easily have any number of videos enhanced, edited or metadata added with one click! Or use any effects to give multiple movies a common look. And since Ashampoo® Video Optimizer Pro 2 uses hardware encoding for H.265 on NVIDIA cards and has optimized its speed, it can create your movies blazing fast.

More Ashampoo Multimedia Quality

Capture everything that happens on your screen with ease, that's what Ashampoo® Snap 11 can do! Whether as pictures or video, just share what you like, create GIFs or add comments or graphics. Ashampoo® Music Studio 7 is all about sound files. Easily organize your collection, create mixes, convert formats or rip CDs with automatic track and cover searches! Ashampoo® Photo Optimizer 7 can optimize photos fully automatically like no other program! You can batch-process entire collections of images to make them shine brightly, vividly and clearly without any further input. Ashampoo® Slideshow Studio HD 4 creates perfect slideshows for you, even with background music, effects and atmospheric transitions. Turn simple pictures into professional videos or simply unforgettable memories!

Get the most out of your videos: Highly effectively improve quality, remove noise and add effects!

The new Ashampoo® Video Optimizer Pro 2 speeds up your videos! Make your videos lightning fast, with simple edits and conversions up to ten times faster! 20 brilliant presets let your videos shine in new worlds of color. Enjoy the interplay between sophisticated filters and carefully adjusted image and color values! Navigate through your movies faster and with thumbnails. Brand new profiles for popular camera models have been added and can be easily selected in the new menu. Add images, text and watermarks in more ways than ever before, and rotate and crop with a new detailed view. This and much more awaits you in the new Ashampoo® Video Optimizer Pro 2!

screenshot laptop

Contrast and color optimization

Improve color and contrast to make your photos and videos more vivid and interesting. Adjust the white balance to make your videos look warmer or cooler. Selectively edit the brightness and tint of shadows and highlights, or add a vignette effect.

icon color


Visual effects add a special touch to your photos and videos.


The Tilt Shift filter allows you to selectively blur your images: This gives your shots an extraordinary look and can also be used for the so-called "miniature effect", where (real) landscape shots look like toy landscapes.

icon fisheye

Fisheye distortion

Removes lens distortion from action cameras and other wide-angle lenses from videos and photos. Includes a set of built-in profiles and allows you to easily create additional lens profiles for your own cameras.

icon stbilize

Stabilization / Camera Shake Removal

Removes camera shake from videos, ideal for action clips or freehand shots.

Noise Reduction

Removes noise from photos and videos. Noise occurs when shooting in low light conditions (e.g. at night) or when using high ISO light sensitivities.

icon sharpen


Improves the sharpness of photos and videos.

icon crop

Rotate & Crop

Rotate videos and photos 90 / 180 / 270 degrees or any angle and crop to a desired area.

Flicker Removal

Reduces flicker from time-lapse footage and videos shot under low-light conditions.

screenshot speed

Change Speed

Changes the playback speed of your videos: For example, many action cameras can record video at 60fps (or more). But to get a slow motion effect during playback, you need to change the frame rate. With Ashampoo Video Optimizer Pro you can slow down or speed up videos as you like.


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System requirements

Operating system

You will need the 64-bit version of the following operating systems:

Windows® 10, Windows® 8, Windows® 7


Windows Media Player 10

.NET Framework 4.0


DVD quality editing / production - dual core processor at least 2.4 GHz

HD quality editing / production Intel Core i5 / i7 or similar quad-core processors

Memory (RAM):

DVD quality at least 2 GB of free RAM

HD quality at least 4 GB free RAM

Ideal: 8 GB RAM or more

Graphics Card:

DirectX 9

Pixelshader v2.0

Min. 128 MB RAM.

Min. 1280 x 1024


Internet connection is required to activate the program. The program license is checked periodically.

For some services an internet connection is required.

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