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Product information "Ashampoo Music Studio 8"

Ashampoo Music Studio 8


More sound, more mixing, more order!


Ashampoo Music Studio 8 is our best music software for your songs and audio files! Eight powerful modules cover practically everything a music lover needs on his computer. Whether you want to edit, burn or cut music, everything is done quickly. Simply convert to other compatible formats, create mixes for your parties or playlists for virtually any audio device! Bring total order to your music collection, print covers, rip CDs and more - all in one program in no time! Enjoy your songs how and where you want!


Easily cut start and end of a sound file
Working with shortcuts for fast results
Split audio files into any number of parts
Enhanced music editor for optimal workflows
Live recording selectable by default
Templates for more effective organization of the collection
Numerous detail changes for even better work
Mix music with tempo analysis and intelligent alignment
Cut MP3s in no time at all
Music program with 8 extensive modules

Work with shortcuts at breakneck speed


Shortcuts (i.e. keyboard commands) are the fastest way to edit sound files, for example. Instead of clicking with the mouse on an area to copy something or to get to a certain position, a simple press on a certain key is sufficient. So you can easily undo actions, move selection marks and much more. Of course the program also shows you which shortcuts can be used for which menu. Simply save time and effort!


Share an audio file easily with the Audio Splitter


You can now easily split audio files such as MP3 into two or more parts. For example, you can stop playback at one point and set the marker there for cutting. Or you can click at a point where silence is visible and set the marker there. Everything exactly to the hundredth of a second, everything logical and comfortable. We have taken many steps to make Ashampoo Music Studio 8 even more user-friendly. See for yourself!


music studio 8 presentation


Cut start and end in no time at all


With live recordings or recordings from the radio, you don't always want to keep the beginning and end of an audio file. Also with web radios, a jingle is often placed in front of a song or mix. With the new cutting function this is no longer a problem. Just set the markers to remove anything superfluous and let Music Studio 8 do its job. As always in this program, you don't need any prior knowledge to succeed.


music studio 8 presentation laptop


Mix music for every purpose!


Become a professional for good music mixes! Create your mix of matching songs, create smooth sound transitions, convert your mix to any sound format you want or burn it in no time at all. With the track mixer you can put your stamp on a party, wedding or just any meeting. The fantastic DJ Title Mixer also analyzes, balances and harmonizes the tempo of the tracks. For the best mix for every occasion!


Edit music and mix up to three tracks


Mix songs on up to three tracks, edit parts or let them flow elegantly into each other. With the intelligent mark and move functions, editing is fast and effortless! Remove individual passages, add new ones, fade in and out, or use the equalizer for pinpoint fine tuning. In the new version, we have optimized the workflows so that you can reach your goal even faster and easier!


Perfect cut also for live recordings


Cutting recordings and live recordings into individual songs has never been easier. Ashampoo Music Studio 8 automatically detects pauses, splits the recording and then saves the parts separately in the desired format. Due to adjustable tolerance, live recordings without real breaks are no problem!


Convert to any format and listen without iTunes


Ashampoo Music Studio 8 also supports the popular Apple formats AAC / m4a or the innovative APE. Conveniently burn these files as a music CD or convert songs from iTunes into classic formats like MP3 or WMA without any problems. For unlimited listening pleasure even on your home system or on devices without iTunes!


music studio 8 skins


CD ripping for the highest demands


Ashampoo Music Studio 8 effortlessly converts your CDs into digital form - quickly and reliably. By matching the songs with a database, they are automatically named correctly, provided with the right cover and can then be saved in any format. And with fast ripping, you save several steps at once. With our CD Ripper you will always get a high-quality result quickly!


Create playlists and always find the right format


Playlists offer the most convenient way to play songs in any order. To make sure all programs and devices can play your compilations, Ashampoo Music Studio 8 offers a wide range of playlist formats. Whichever player you use, we have the right format - it couldn't be more compatible!


Convert audio files


Convert your music files ingeniously simple with Ashampoo Music Studio 8 and adjust the quality individually. Just enter frequency and bitrate and you're done! Or you can use our presets and go straight to the target format. From the market leaders MP3 and AAC (m4a) to the lossless FLAC and WAV to specialist formats such as OGG, APE and OPUS, all important formats are available. Save storage space and make your songs playable on any device!


Create and print CD covers


Burn your music on CD and complete your project with self-designed covers and inlays. A suitable cover designer is of course included in the program. Professional templates from our designers and convenient functions such as automatically inserted content tables allow for an attractive packaging within minutes. Creative collages from covers or the song titles are just as possible as the factual, professional variant. Whether for family, club or work, the layout is right!


Normalize for a good overall impression


If you put together a music CD from different sources and at different times, the different volume of the songs often stands out negatively. A modern pop song has a completely different production than a classic from the sixties. The Normalize function eliminates the need for constant volume control and makes your compilations look more professional and harmonious.


Extract sound track from movies for ringtones or soundtrack


Whether film music, favourite film quote or sound effect, with Ashampoo Music Studio 8 you can convert your favourite videos into sound files at lightning speed, which you can further edit as desired. Extract credits, opening credits or your favorite scene as an audio file and cut, mix and export in your desired format. Ideal as an individual ringtone or for use with your own videos!


Organize your own collection optimally


Ashampoo Music Studio 8 finally puts an end to incorrectly named music files. You have a large folder that contains a wide variety of artists? Or you would like to see the year of creation in addition to the artist and title? Music Studio 8 can also create entire folder structures with matching subfolders. For the first time, templates are also available that allow you to sort your collection according to many parameters (year, genre, artist, etc.). Set a uniform standard and let the program do the rest!



The Swiss Army Knife for your music!


Ashampoo Music Studio 8 is simply more comprehensive, practical and beautiful than ever! With a new module you can comfortably trim the beginning and end of an audio file, practical for recordings of any kind! Splitting a file into any number of parts is now easier than ever and ideal for audio books, for example! Ride off faster and easier with the new shortcuts. Reach your goal immediately with short keyboard commands! Many areas such as the Music Editor have been redesigned to make them faster and easier to use. For the first time, the Organize function now has templates to help you organize your collection more clearly. Whether you're recording, editing files, or organizing your collection, many new details make work a pleasure! Take a look inside and see for yourself!


Live recording selectable by default
"What you hear" recording
New, optimized CD selection page
Full StereoMix support
Read CDs in a flash with Quick Rip
Ripping with automatic creation of a playlist
Create compatible playlists
Simultaneous playback / overlay of music files
Sound optimization through equalizer
Rip audio CDs, direct format selection, extract to any location
Extract audio track from movies
Creating your own recordings
Enhanced music editor for optimal workflows
Easily cut start and end of a sound file
Working with shortcuts for fast results
Templates for more effective organization of the collection
Organize titles and store additional information
Output profiles for Apple devices
Output profiles for Android devices
Output profiles for Windows devices
Snap-in function when moving tracks
Cutting marks can be moved with mouse and arrow keys
Direct moving of tracks via grabber / handle
Cool shuffle function for audio CDs and track mixer
New file format APE (Monkey's Audio)
Impressive speed effects like Speed, Pitch-Shift and Time Stretch
Normalization for new formats including M4A
Brand new editor area
Intuitive editing in three tracks
Moving tracks with drag and drop
Playing and editing the selected area
Full editing capability for AAC/m4a files
Editing m4a song information
Splitting music files with intelligent automation
Normalizing AAC/m4a files
Cover search and download function
Convert audio files to Opus
Obtain missing track information automatically from online databases
Edit Metadata
Normalize music and adjust volume of different tracks
Convert audio files to MP3
Convert audio files to Flac
Convert audio files to Ogg
Convert audio files to WAV
Cutting and mixing music
DJ track mixer with tempo analysis and intelligent alignment
Fresh styling with faster access to all menus
Cover editor with new interface
BPM (beats per minute) detection for each track
Playlists in the popular CUE format
Fascinating covers through mosaic pictures
Burn and convert AAC/m4a files
Burn an audio CD
MP3 - CD/DVD/Blu-ray burning
Create a cover for Slim-Case
Use the title mixer to easily put together several songs to new pieces
WMA - CD/DVD/Blu-ray burning
Create CD/DVD/Blu-ray with mixed file formats
Create cover for Jewel Case
Provide CD label
Coverstudio with new modern templates

Operating system

Windows® 10, Windows® 8, Windows® 7


Any computer that supports the operating systems listed above.


An Internet connection is required to activate the program. The program license is checked at regular intervals.


An Internet connection is required for some services.


The program license is checked at regular intervals.


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