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Product information "Ashampoo Burning Studio 21"

Our best burning software

The all-round service for burning, backing up and processing your files

Treat your burner to the best burning program! The new Ashampoo Burning Studio 21 can also burn your data comfortably and safely, copies CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs without any problems and has first-class multimedia features. You can easily create movies or slide shows, edit media or create video discs with animated menus. Automatically rip music CDs, make backups, and print covers for your projects with ease! Or back up important data to any media, optimally compressed and password-protected. Look forward to the brand new version of our best burning software!

Burning Studio 21 Box & Screenshot

What does the Burning Studio look like? It looks great!

The Ashampoo Burning Studio 21 has a new interface and it's got it all! Instead of a normal menu, the burning program now has a so-called carousel that lets you glide through all functions with ease. For each feature you will find useful info texts so that you are always in the picture and can find everything quickly. You can now find all your favourite functions in your personal favourites list, individually compiled for ultra-fast access! And even the way to the start screen is now more convenient, with a home button you can return to the start from any menu. Of course, all visual innovations are only optional, you are welcome to continue using the classic menu!

Burning Studio 21 - menus

The simple burning software with many functions

Many users are surprised when they work with Burning Studio 21 for the first time. It's all so easy? Yes, because there are only three steps in the center. The selection of the files, how the program should process them and on which data medium they should be burned or saved. Create your own Video-DVD with an animated menu - with just a few clicks? Backing up a photo collection across multiple discs? With Ashampoo Burning Studio 21 anyone can do that! Although the program has a wealth of functions, you will always get to your goal quickly. This is guaranteed by the unrivalled logical structure!

Burning Studio 21 - skins

Easily create your own movies and slideshows

With the Burning Studio 21 there are no limits to your own creativity! Your films can be easily cut and provided with opening or closing credits. Videos that were recorded the wrong way round can now be rotated at the push of a button. With subtitles for explanation, ready-made themes or your own graphics, you can create your own individual project. Fascinate friends and family with your pictures and create impressive slide shows that are accompanied by music to capture your best memories. Use the brand-new image optimization, which enhances each of your pictures significantly! Whether family celebration, job or vacation, with this burning program you always achieve brilliant results!

Burning Studio 21 - Slideshows

Create backups according to plan

Do you store your data in the cloud? Not everyone's cup of tea! Why not back up your data on CD / DVD or BD burned! With the practical backup plans you can burn important data even easier or save it on any hard drive. If desired, the program can even remind you when a new backup is due! So you can never forget a backup. Via the backup management you can view your backups and create new ones with just one click. It could not be more comfortable! And if something doesn't quite fit on the data medium, Burning Studio distributes the data automatically and safely for you. Compression and secure password protection included!

Relax and listen to music and audio books on your car radio

Anyone who compiles music for their car is often faced with a problem: Whether burned or on a USB stick, hardly any car radio masters all sound formats, the sorting is sometimes lost completely and the pieces are played wildly mixed up. The new Burning Studio 21 puts an end to this! For more than 1800 car radios, there are already custom-fit profiles available, so the number of supported devices has been increased significantly since version 20! Emulators of CD changers are also fully supported, so that the full functionality of these devices can be used. And for optimal audio quality in the car, there is an equalizer and the classic normalizing in addition. Listen to your songs and audio books on the road in the best quality and of course in the right order!

Reading CDs and burning music data

You want to rip your audio CDs? With the ingenious automatic feature of Ashampoo Burning Studio 21, reading out music and audio is lightning fast! Artist and title are recognized automatically, you don't have to enter anything by hand. Rip and save CDs in best quality, especially space-saving and in your desired format. Never again defective or unnamed files! Burn music CDs just as easily with this burning software, optionally with equalizer or volume adjustment for improved sound before a suitable cover goes to press. Sound good? Is good!

The right format ready for every film

Using the computer to create and burn video DVDs or Blu-ray Discs movie is a paradise discipline from Ashampoo Burning Studio 21! In order to burn your movies to disc compatibly for players, they must be converted from numerous formats to fit. With various popular formats like MPEG4, H.264 and AAC and sound formats like MP3, WMA, OGG and many more, you are always on the safe side with Burning Studio. From simple mobile phone recordings to ambitious hobby movies, Burning Studio 21 burns your projects comfortably and reliably!

Burning Studio 21 - screenshot

Even read damaged discs - thanks to scratch protection

With the proven scratch protection your data will always remain safe. Even clearly visible scratches lose their horror through repeated burning at different places on the blank! These High Security Discs can be used normally and show their special strength in an emergency: With a slim emergency program, which is burned onto each disc, data can be restored even if the disc is damaged. Ideal for important data, indispensable documents and valuable memories!

The easiest video editor ever!

A great strength of Ashampoo Burning Studio 21: There is the right way for every project. If it has to be fast, you can combine pictures and videos with a few clicks, add music if necessary - and the video is ready. No lengthy navigation through menus, no further input from you is necessary. Effective image transitions or the display duration of images can be individually adjusted if you want to put the finishing touches on your project - otherwise it's simply: Finish the film and off you go!

Comfortable working with disc images such as ISO or CUE/BIN

Especially for professionals, working with images like ISO, CUE/BIN or ASHDISC is a daily routine. With Ashampoo Burning Studio 21 anyone can easily handle such images, create copies and burn them onto any standard data medium. Image files can also be conveniently viewed, for image data there is even a handy preview. Even the creation of own images is possible without problems and saves time.

Create covers and sleeves for each disc

Creating covers and sleeves has always been a strength of Burning Studio. Already in the clearly arranged start menu you can comfortably choose which project you want to tackle and if necessary select professionally designed templates or your own pictures. Afterwards the program will take you step by step to the final result. Using the import function you can even have a CD read in and search for a finished cover or insert the song titles, e.g. as a track list. That saves time and effort! Whether you just want to create a cover quickly with automatic functions or create a very individual cover with attention to detail, the result will convince you!

Our multimedia programs

While Ashampoo Burning Studio 21 is our first choice in burning software, Ashampoo Movie Studio Pro 3 offers you high quality video editing with Dolby Digital, resolution up to 4K and turbo conversion. To enhance videos we recommend Ashampoo Video Optimizer Pro, with which you can easily stabilize, denoise and post-expose your recordings. Everything that is sound can be done by Ashampoo Music Studio 7. Whether you want to bring order to your music collection, try your hand at mixing or convert music files to another format, Music Studio is always a good choice!

The brand new version of the classic firing program!

As soon as you open the new Ashampoo Burning Studio 21 you will be positively surprised, a new surface in the modern carousel look welcomes you. Glide through the functions and read interesting information about the features! Your favourite features are instantly accessible on a favourites list and a home button allows you to return to the start screen at the touch of a button. There are also new features in the multimedia area: From now on you can also rotate videos and automatically optimize pictures for your slideshows in the program! Look forward to the brand new version of our best burning software!

Burn files and folders  
Automatic distribution of data when the data medium is full
Improved recognition of blanks
Improved burning options for maximum compatibility
Scratch protection for always available data even if the surface is damaged
Safety Mode in Disc-Spanning
M-Disc support
BDXL support
Protect sensitive data from unauthorized persons with data medium encryption
Automatic splitting of large amounts of data onto multiple discs with disc spanning
Subsequent finalizing of CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs
Create CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs with autostart function
Create a data disc with an interactive menu that starts automatically when you insert it
Create CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray data discs
Update existing disc, add and remove files and folders
Erase rewritable CD/DVD/Blu-ray Discs as well as BD-RE and CD-RW
Internal program features and functions  
Completely new surface in exciting carousel look
Your favourite modules as favourites always at hand
New navigation with quick return via home button
New, clearly arranged editor for covers and sleeves
Bright, high-contrast program interface for selection
Optimized workflows for fewer clicks and waiting times
Custom-fit profiles for more than 1600 car radios
CD changer emulators fully supported in the Auto module
Consideration of numerous special cases in the Auto module
Burning password protected data media
Great burning history of the last 20 projects with restore option
New and modern themes and templates for Cover Studio, slideshows and menus
Extensive sound module for the car radio
Easily import playlists for the car from iTunes or Windows Media Player
Create your own playlists and play them in the car
For the perfect MP3 stick : Correct format and order automatically!
Easily extract graphics from MP3 tags
Online cover search also for unknown tracks
Fascinating mosaic covers
Improved selection of burning options
Adaptable program surface through selectable skin
Cover Studio: Printing and designing booklets, covers and labels
Use own, self-created program skins
Working safely with Autosave
Medium analysis
Run long burns in Minimize mode and stay informed
New improved file browser
File browser individually customizable through favorites folder
Access to external online sources and portable devices
Burn movies  
Rotate videos easily
Better slide shows thanks to brilliant image optimization
Probably the easiest video editor ever
New, modern themes for slideshow and disc menus
Record live comments to match the slide show
Faster encoding for many onboard cards with Intel Media
Native MPEG4, H.264 and AAC support
Smart wizard for creating perfect slide shows
Convenient sorting functions for the images in slide shows
More than 140 transitions for slide shows
Professional fade in and out plus crossfading of music
SRT support for subtitles
Free download of themes
Create your own themes for photo slideshows
Encode movies up to 15% faster
Sound effects for videos and slide shows
Record sound over all installed Windows recording devices (in authoring)
Adjust and normalize the volume of audio tracks of video files
Create and save your own menu templates
Create photo slideshow
Move slideshow images by panning and zooming
Cut or share movies
Multi-core processor support for faster rendering and encoding
Burn video Blu-ray from a prepared folder
Burn a video DVD from a prepared folder
Create Video CD (VCD)
Create Super Video CD (SVCD)
Creating a Start Menu for Video Disc
Adding themes and subtitles to movies
Memory images  
Create or burn disc images from CD, DVD and Blu-ray Disc
Easier image creation
Improved ISO browsing with image preview
Search Disc Images
Creating disc images from files
Support for CUE+MP3, CUE+FLAC and CUE+WAV
Burn or extract music  
New, perfectly fitting profiles for car radios, CD changers and mobile data media
Automatic equalization and adjustment of music files through equalizer
Volume adjustment and normalization for MP3 and WMA files
Shuffle function
Pause length individually adjustable
Support of APE file format
Create playlists directly when extracting an audio CD
OPUS file format support
Automatic cover search function for disc ripping
Extract music from an audio CD in FLAC and OGG format
Create and burn audio CDs
Create and burn audio CD from imported playlist
Support of sampling rates up to 96kHz
Apply metadata when converting WMA files
Exporting track lists
Create an MP3 or WMA CD, DVD and Blu-ray Disc
Extract music from an audio CD
Back up files and folders  
Reliable backup with smart planning function
Reminder function for backup plans
1-Click Backups for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets (e.g. iPod, iPhone, iPad and Android devices)
Create backups of files and folders
Compress and encrypt backups
Extended expert functions  
Creating a modified copy of a CD/DVD/Blu-ray Disc
Jumplist support for express access to key features
Define file system (ISO/Joliet/UDF)
Creating a Bootable Disc
Define emulation for bootable disc

Thanks to our translators

DutchDutch (Guy Raedersdorf)
FrenchFrench (Guy Raedersdorf)
HungarianHungarian (László Koncz)
RussianRussian (Сергей Царёв)
PolishPolish (Jacek Milecki)
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Spanish (Argentina)Spanish (Argentina) (Angel De Giorgi)
Norwegian NynorskNorwegian Nynorsk (Olai Otterå)

System requirements

operating system:

Windows® 10, Windows® 8, Windows® 7

  • Windows Media Player 10
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5
  • DirectX 9.0C
Working memory (RAM):

2 GB

Hard drive capacity:
  • 250 MB free hard disk space for the program installation
  • 9 GB free hard disk space for temporary files (DVD)
  • 25/50 GB free hard disk space for temporary files (Blu-ray)
  • 100 GB free hard disk space for temporary files (Blu-ray XL)
Video card:

DirectX 9 Hardware Pixelshader v2.0, min. 128 MB RAM.

sound card:

Standard sound card (e.g. OnBoard or USB adapter)


An Internet connection is required to activate the program. The program license is checked at regular intervals.

For some services an internet connection is required. An Internet connection may be required to check the serial number when using certain functions.


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